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What the purpose of badge

I got many badges… today itself i got trust level 2 badge… what’s the purpose of this

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You’re posting this in the ranting pot, so are you upset about this?? :thinking: :astonished:
To be honest I don’t think there really is a purpose for the badges, it’s just a nice little reminder of your activities here at the forum…I think?

(If I am way off with the explanation, please feel free to correct me, forum people! :sweat_smile:)


So the badges will not promote my gig isn’t it

Nothing Special . It’s about your contribution to the forum that you are doing a great job.

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Thank you for spending time with me

Some forum badges earn you extra forum privileges, such as the ability to PM, access a special area, and like more posts. Other badges don’t have any real purpose. They’re just a way of making the forum more fun.

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