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What The What?Suddenly my old all videos denied /The TOS Monster

Two things:

  1. I just happened to notice that every single one of my gig videos are suddenly gone and status says: ‘video denied.’

I didn’t get a message/notification/email from Fiverr, so I don’t know how long ago they took down the videos.

Maybe check out your own videos to make sure they are still there, and if not let me know please . .

  1. :japanese_ogre:The Automated TOS Monster: :astonished:
    I am not complaining, because there’s no point to complain about Fiverr. So just talking–not complaining–about this:
    I am not kidding—lately every single week Fiverr has some problem with a different issue regarding every single aspect of my profile or gigs. And I am not a new seller!
    The only instance where I do agree with them, is when they restricted my account the last few days because I had just changed my profile pic to a gif. My bad–it was probably on the TOS and I did not check before putting up that pic.

But I do know for a fact, that we are allowed to exchange skype/Hangouts/etc. ID info, after an order is placed, if the nature of the gig requires it.

Wondering if anyone else has been experiencing this:
During the last two months, Fiverr constantly temporarily restricting your gigs with the notification that you are violating TOS,
when in reality you have not because without skype, you couldn’t teach an online lesson for example + you only exchange skype info after an order has been placed.

The notification:
“To protect our buyers and sellers and to promote a safe working environment, we ask that you do not exchange personal contact information (e.g. Skype, email, phone number, social media information, etc.). We kindly ask that you remove this information.”

Cheers :wink:

I assume you have contacted customer support about these problems?

Of course yes about the videos.
But I gave up about talking to CS about the skype thing. I don’t see the point, because I already have in writing their “OK” to use skype. and yet. . .
So I just deleted that word in every gig desc. + buyer req. I can’t work like this–where at all times at least one of my gigs or profile is restricted.

Although I don’t think this is written in ToS, when I asked CS about having a Skype consultation on my gigs, they suggested that I create the gig and then notify them the moment I am ready to go live. They said they would check each gig out and give me permission or not. I decided not to do it, but ever since then I’ve advised people to do the same if they want to use a gig that requires Skype or any other form of contact info.

I did have a gig for a long time that required me to ask for certain details about buyers that could be misunderstood (i.e. email addresses) and I had them pre-check the gig and give me a written OK for it. They did and I never had an issue with it. I think a lot of the issues with ToS just come from the need to be 100% transparent and run things by CS if they are at all on the edge.

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I can’t see anywhere on the Terms of Service page where an animated GIF/PNG is disallowed on a profile picture. “Gif”, “png” and “animated” isn’t mentioned on the TOS page (video is, but not related to the profile image) and “profile” is only mentioned twice.

Almost all my gigs require skype, and I checked with CS several times when I put up the gigs and after.
They were very clear about it being allowed and also said I should def mention the word skype in the description.

But Fiverr is Fiverr–nothing ever makes sense and they change their mood every other day.

Therefore . . . Whatever!! Arg.

Hm. That’s interesting.
Sigh. Dealing with this company can sometimes be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo frustrating.
Why? Because nothing ever makes sense. They change their mood every other day.

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I really feel for you but when it comes to gig videos, there is really no advice which people can give unless you can provide a link to where your videos can be viewed. (Youtube etc).

Did you buy your videos from another seller? Were they made using templates which you got from somewhere else and which might have come to the copyright owners attention?

Hi @cyaxrex
I am certain that having all 4 or 5 videos suddenly denied was due to yet another of fiverr’s automated technical responses that are based on nothing.

Reason being, I created them entirely myself and nothing I said or showed was a violation of tos.

Plus I own the copyright of my face and voice. :slight_smile:

Actually I wasn’t asking for advice, rather wanted to know if this had happened to other sellers as well. If It had, I would know the reason was a general glitch in the system.

By the way, wouldn’t posting a link you my Youtube channel be illegal here? Or is it allowed?

Here is what I have got from customer support on the issue:

At this time the only acceptable way to share or request contact information is if seller would have a gig that specifically states requirement for contact information in its title or description (no promises that our editors would accept such gig) and buyer purchases an order on this gig - then it would be acceptable to share relevant external contact information (Skype, phone, email, etc.) within messages sent in that purchased order. I would like to advise you to add the disclaimer to your Gig description and allow our Editors to review it.

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@mae_creativity I hope you still have the video files so you can edit them and put them back up.

I recently had a video denied and I made a very small edit and uploaded it again. So far so good.

One thing we sellers should not forget to do is to make sure our videos have the words “Exclusively on Fiverr.” Let me know if I can be of any help as far as editing the videos for you.



Ads getting smarter. :slight_smile:

Just kidding, I’ve been told by customer support that they have implemented stricter policies in order to maintain higher quality services. My main gig is under editorial review and I was told that I should add a disclaimer.

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:joy::joy::joy: Oh Fiverr, you’re too funny.
Anything anyone says just keeps corroborating what I always say: that fiverr simply makes no sense.

That is what CS support told me too (several times by various representatives).

And yet . . . the reason my gigs suddenly were restricted after a year, is because they had the word ‘Skype.’

I’ve seen a gig with the seller’s skype ID in the freakin description, and fiv has no problem with that apparently. I obviously did not write my ID in the desc, and yet . . .

Whatever. It’s too absurd. And absurd things make me :joy: :joy: :joy: lol.

Thank you for the offer, @idostuff4u . :slight_smile:

  1. My videos are fine–fiverr is just being moody.

  2. Am I correct that it’s not possible to upload an mp4 to the forum?

  3. “Exclusively on Fiverr.” What if it’s not?

Well, it should be. :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t get a warning per se, I did contact customer support by my own initiative on where to put a disclaimer because they did update their ToS. :slight_smile:

:astonished: Seems your videos are back. Yippy :grin:


Ooh! :slight_smile: If I hadn’t seen your comment here, I wouldn’t have known.
See? I told you there was nothing wrong with my videos and that fiv was just having mood swings.

I’m most happy about a specific video—it’s my favorite (just 60 seconds) and no matter how many times I watch it,
the ending always gets me rolling on the floor laughing. (The gig almost never sells, but I don’t care cuz I love the gig.)

p.s. Just a random observation I just had this second:
It seems to me that if all you need in order to be entertained and laugh out loud is your own sense of humor, you’ll always be ok in any situation.

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You laugh at yourself in a video you made of yourself? :crazy_face:

Yes, I find my own sense of humor, humorous. :blush:
You can’t offend me with the emoji you selected.
:wink: :slight_smile: Hugs :heart_decoration:

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