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What these buyers even thinking?

So currently, I’m dealing with a customer who’s very cheap. He posted a request on the “Buyers Request” section to create a video very similar to what he had attached. Within a few minutes, he replied and once we got everything settled, I clearly requested him to send me screenshots of everything he wanted to change. So I did the video to the exact way he had asked, although I did make a small error with a shape (which I did the revision for free obviously).

This is kind of funny. There was one other request he wanted from me. He wanted me to put in the end that the video was “designed by” his company. I strongly disagreed to this and yet he argued back a little bit and left the subject. I was disrespected as a seller where my customer asks me to credit him for my work. In the end I sent the video to him with the requirements he requested using the screenshots. At the end he gave me a 5 Star review. Another thing I wanted to mention was I did this sample for a very very low price. I wasn’t disturbed by it in any sort of reason since the gave me a 5 Star review at the end.

(This was all done yesterday)

So today, he requests a revision from me. He told me that “I” hadn’t changed a specific area in the video (which was an image lasting for about 1 second - A very small one which appears in few parts of the video) saying that he wanted it to be changed to the logo he sent. I clearly mentioned that this was not requested by him before and this means that I have to render the video once again. He kept telling me how it was “my fault” . In the end I mentioned that I’ll do the change for an additional $5 (which I would send a custom offer). Yet, he decided to keep telling me how it was my fault and that I was supposed to do it for free. At the end since it doesn’t cause me any harm, i declined his request. I’m sure it was his client that requested this change once they saw the video and it wasn’t him. (Since he would’ve asked me to change it once I sent him the first delivery.)

Finally, after wasting so much time, he sends me this “can you do it for $5 … Yes …or Not ?” Should I do the revision? Even if I do it for he exact requirements, would he be able to give me a 1 review?

What do you guys think? Is this fair or not? Am I at fault?


Well the revision doesn’t seem to be that big and out of the realm of the gig so I say do it to get it out of your hair. But then again, I’m not in your field so I don’t know.

Sounds like he’s outsourcing the work though.

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You’re dealing with a reseller - it happens.

You do offer unlimited revisions in your gig - Fiverr CS have been known to make sellers stick to their promise, even after the gig is completed and feedback has been left.

In terms of who owns the video, this might help from the ToS:
Ownership and limitations: Unless clearly stated otherwise on the seller’s Gig page/description, when the work is delivered, and subject to payment, the buyer is granted all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to, copyrights for the work delivered from the seller, and the seller waives any and all moral rights therein. The delivered work shall be considered work-for-hire under the U.S. Copyright Act. In the event the delivered work does not meet the requirements of work-for-hire or when US Copyright Act does not apply, the seller expressly agrees to assign to buyer the copyright in the delivered work. All transfer and assignment of intellectual property to buyer shall be subject to full payment for the Gig and the delivery may not be used if payment is cancelled for any reason. For removal of doubt, in custom created work (such as art work, design work, report generation etc.), the delivered work shall be the exclusive property of buyer, and seller assigns all rights, title and interest in the delivered work. Some Gigs (including for custom created work) charge additional payments (through Gig Extras) for a Commercial Use License. This means that if you purchase the Gig for personal use, you will own all rights you require for such use, and will not need the Commercial Use License. If you intend to use it for any charge or other consideration, or for any purpose that is directly or indirectly in connection with any business, or other undertaking intended for profit, you will need to buy the Commercial Use License through a Gig Extra and will have broader rights that cover your business use.

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Does it count when it’s his fault as well? Because I gave him video in the way which met the requirements as I described. It was a custom offer as well which I did not offer unlimited revisions.

Buyers make mistakes all the time!

I don’t offer any revisions on my video gigs, but if they come back and say ‘sorry, I gave you the wrong phone number’ or something like that, then I’ll change it. You need to find a balance between not being taken for a ride and offering great customer service.


I honestly would’ve done the same. I did it before. He was different. The first thing he told me was “You have made a mistake”

“actually its not a revision …and you know that !
its something missing from your side …”

For whatever time it’s going to take you, I’d just make the changes needed, and re-deliver with a smile. :grinning:

You never know, you might get a repeat buyer from it, especially if they are a reseller. :wink:

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Yeah! I just told him I’ll redeliver it within 10 hours. Thanks for your opinion! Always a great help :smiley:

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You’re welcome! Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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You were right for not crediting him in the video. It wasn’t designed by neither him or you.

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I know. I requested him to purchase the license as well if he wants to get credited for himself.

Purchasing the license doesn’t mean you can neither credit yourself or re-sell the video unlimitedly.

True. He asked for the link anyway so he might deal with it.