What Things In Fiverr Policy You Think That Need To Be Revised?


What are the things in the fiverr policy that you guys think that there is a need to be given a thought again by the fiverr team ??


I like fiverr because it is the best plat form for the freelancers as well as clients.
I think fiverr should keep an option for urgent transactions. Also when they deactivate any account their should be some flexibility that the buyer should be given chance to complete his running projects and can withdraw his pending funds from fiverr however he should not be eligible to take new projects.
Thank you


Yes, same happens with me,
But we can withdraw funds by asking their customer support team.


Ban “Follow and endorse on LinkedIn” gigs - You shouldn’t be allowed to sell that. Someone pays someone $5 then they endorse all their skills in LinkedIn without actually knowing if they have that skill or not, it’s unethical and lying.


I think the automatic-completion of gigs should be applied to revised work as well. Or else, an option to cancel the ‘request for revision’ but keep the original work.

I had a buyer who bought one gig, said he was happy with my translated work but rejected it and requested a ‘revision’, which was actually another piece of work. I advised him to buy another gig. Haven’t heard from him for a week now and the system is reminding me to submit the revised work or cancel (which means I lose the money from the first piece of work + my ratings will be affected).


On another note, it seems like I can ‘like’ the comments here on the forum but not undo the like?!


I think that sellers need to be held accountable for poor customer service. If their response times are high they should be penalized. I believe if they have a certain amount of gigs… there should be a ratio to their response time. this would discourage people from hoarding gigs and always being late on delivery.

I have one seller who lies continuously to me to make me feel bad and not cancel gigs. When I honestly rate their service they will withhold my files until i rate them outstanding.

These types of actions should have consequences.


Well I think fiverr should reduce the number of days you must have to wait before you can withdraw your money


If this is true then that’s amazing. I have gotten quick response about a cancelled order where the seller and I agreed to cancel and they put the money back in my account, but when it comes to this type of issue the Fiverr CS never reply to me.

I get the standard 24-48 email and it’s been a week since that was sent.

Today I cancelled the gig again and this time it’s final. If the seller contacts me telling me his dog died or he was married or whatever reason that comes up I’m going to disregard it … the gig I ordered is a week late and I’m not even getting the revisions that I request.

I did the cancel and it showed 7 hours and the gig would be canceled and then when I checked again it showed 9 hours. So it looks like it’s going backwards. If the seller disputes it I’m going to just call my card company as I’m over this seller and this process.

He never replies to messages and only contacts me when I cancel the order and begs me not to cancel it and to forgive him.


It was a good lesson for me. Eventually I found out I could just click deliver without attaching a document again. Thanks for your suggestion too!