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What time do you work?


As a freelancer working online we have to work with clients world wide. Fast communication can be a challenge because of different time zones.

I sometimes get sleep deprived and exhausted, unable to have a normal working day.

Is there any there a way you guys overcome this problem?



Um. There is no healthy way to “overcome” sleep. You need it. You can’t live without it. Obtain it when you can. You do not need to be on Fiverr 24/7.


I work all night until the sun starts to come up. I’m a night :owl:


I work
Minimum 12 hrs a day , minimum 80 hrs a week
Take max 6 Hrs of deep sleep


2-3 hours a day is enough for me. I am fast worker at high prices. :slight_smile:


Actually I don’t, but I get aweken several times during sleep just to check the phone. I don’t do it purposely, I unknowingly wake up to check the phone. It makes me sleep less.


I work from the time I get up to the time I go to sleep. I am not sure how to overcome it though


Although I spend like 3-4 hours on forum procrastinating, I work 2-3 hours a day on Fiverr.


Are there such things as Day Owls or can we just describe ourselves as “Owls”?

Anyway, I do sometimes change it up and get up early but for the most part, midnight to 4am is my most productive time. My Fiverr work hours have changed a lot in the last few months, going from 3-5 up to 8-10 daily, if I only count billable work hours.

Turn off your phone at night and leave it in another room. I used to do the same when I started here but found it doesnt make any real difference to sales when I wait til the next day to respond.
Never make the mistake of confusing being “busy” with being “productive”.
You will likely find you do more in 4 hours after good sleep than you do in 8 hours after no/bad sleep. I aim for 8-10 hours/night unless I have specific projects I need to work on that cut into that time.


I do around 3 - 4 hours of billable work a day, but I am also an inveterate insomniac. That said, I only tend to work between 8AM and 6PM as I like having clear boundaries between my work life and my personal life. As @eoinfinnegan said, leave your phone in another room. Quality of sleep makes an enormous difference to quality of work :slight_smile:


You look like someone who used to be around here a lot…


Depends on the project but usually 3 - 4 hours a day. I have another business that I need to tend to so can’t spend all the time on Fiverr.


Awww, it’s nice to be missed! My non-Fiverr workload has reduced to a sane level again, so I am spending more time on Fiverr… Who knows, I might even post on the forums again a bit… I actually got to a state close to euphoria last Friday when I realized I did not have any work due in the next week… It’s the first time that has happened for around three months. It’s great to be busy, but I had forgotten what not working felt like.


Didn’t say you were missed :stuck_out_tongue:
I am the opposite - Fiverr work has been flying and off-Fiverr work is slow.
So you are gonna be here procrastinating with us for the next week?
I nominate you to create the next fun/funny/entertaining thread.


I was working on an analytics thread on how the level evaluations have impacted no of sellers over the last three months. I’m not sure there’s a ton of humor in there…


for me, the word of work means only if I get an order. and if not, I prefer called it idle ( waiting for an order ).

So, I do idle for 16 hours and sleep for 8 hours. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh come on… that’s not procrastinating…
What I need is to know what type of fruit you see yourself as or what freelancing would look like for Martians, you know, some of the big questions.


8AM - 5PM, I enjoy having a personal life.


12:00 gmt ~ 00:00 gmt
04:00 PST ~ 16:00 PST
6:00 PM ~ 6:00 AM (BD time)

This is my official available time. Most of the time I start 2 hour early & finish after 2/3hour extra hour.


I’m available always to get work done and fulfill client/customer requests, but I try to check Fiverr first thing in the morning when I get up to begin work. If I have gig orders I prefer to work on them in the morning and maybe across the afternoon. I do a lot of crafting, arting and writing, so my time is spent among all of that. I’m always busy and my schedule is crammed. Staying up to 2am is standard, unless I can’t keep my eyes open. :zzz: