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What time is the buyers request updated, I see they update at a frequent interval


I see the buyers request suddenly update with 10/20 new additions at random time, does anyone know how it works, does that get updated at any particular time, since that would be best to capture orders :slight_smile:


I have at times checked buyer requests frequently although I haven’t for the past few weeks. When I did, it appeared to be highly random. In my own time zone I sometimes saw it refresh only once per day at any any time of day within 24 hours. Other times I have seen 4-5 new buyer requests at one time and then a few hours later a large influx of new ones.

You also have to take into account that you won’t see every buyer request and that may affect what you see on a refresh. I am pretty sure you only see requests that match the top categories for your active gigs.


Exactly my query, how do you know that time

Mod Note: There is no set time and sometimes it takes longer than 24-48 hours to see new ones.


pretty random i guess,


My buyer request do not update for 2 day. Can anyone tell the reason???


My buyer request have’t update for 2 day. What i can do…


I am facing same problem now.


It’s a burning question When to update Fiverr buyer request.


I have same question when is the buyer request update? But I get some different times. My time zone is +5.30 in my time I get these different times that it updated.
Saturday 02.00
Saturday 19.45
Tuesday 00.00

In these times I saw buyer requests.