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What time it takes for a Gig TITLE changes to be updated and reflect on a Fiverr Gig Search Results?

Hi, I changed my gig title and I can’t find my gig in search resullts.

Do you know aproximate time that it takes to a gig to be visible/found again in Fiverr Search results?

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I also facing same problem :expressionless:

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Different. In my case from 1 to a few hrs.
May be you see cashed data?
Ctrl+F5 in this case help

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ctr+delete :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ------ cookies - refresh

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I tried ctr+delete but my gig is still missing.
I created a gig which has quite title, but when I search for it I don’t find it.
This is the link to the gig:
If you like, please try to search for it for example with the keyword "mobile friendly facebook cover"
It used to appear in search 2 days ago, but I added just one additional portfolio image and it dissapeared.

It will need 24 hrs normally, as the gig is reviewed by fiverr team whenever we edit. It will be shown up once they approve the edits.

I agree, but I edited one of my gigs (best seller) 3 days ago and I am still waiting :frowning:
At least I can send offers to buyers requests.

Then it’s time now, to contact the customer support.

normally 24 hours, max 48 hrs.