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What time on the due date is a project due?

On the completion date of a job, what time is the end of the day? Is it my time or the expert’s time. All I know is the person lives in America. I am on the west coast. We already extended the project by 5 days. This was perfectly fine. However today is the 5th extended day. Does the expert have until midnight? If the answer is yes, then that’s OK too. I just can not get a response.


I am pretty sure there is a timer that the buyer can see too, right? We sellers have a timer, but when it runs out depends on the time that the order was placed, so it can be 2 AM or 5 PM or any other time out there.

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Thank you so much! I will go look for this timer.

I can not find a timer from the buyer end. I will just periodically check until midnight. The seller must be deeply engrossed in my project that they are busily making it great. At least, I sincerely hope so.

Here is a little information on how to view the Order Status:

From what you said, yours is probably still “In Progress” so you should be able to see it from the Order Status view. You can find more info on buyer issues here:

Currently, it is labeled LATE. I just want the seller to give me an indication as to the TIME FRAME…any time frame…

If the order is in late status, the seller has to deliver within a fairly short window (I think it’s 24-48 hrs) or you will get a message saying that you can automatically cancel. If the seller isn’t communicating with you clearly and giving you the information you need about delivery, you may just have to go with the cancellation.

Once you do that you will get a refund so that you can hire someone else. The seller will get an automatic negative review if they allow the order to run late enough that you can automatically cancel. It’s up to you, but the seller should have delivered on time.

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The seller refuses to give me a time frame. The project was extended once (which was fine) and now another 5 days later , the seller will only say it is close or update shortly. That was yesterday. WHAT DOES SHORTLY MEAN IN THE WORLD OF FIVERR??? I feel like an idiot checking my messages every 30 minutes. The urban dictionary defines SHORTLY as 2hours and 4 mins or gone golfing or you are a sucker. Funny but no help. Now the project is labeled late. I am even okay with that…if I was given a time frame. Any time frame.

Is the order late?

If you don’t want to wait any longer, you can also consider canceling. This isn’t really common practice on here, but of course there are always dodgy sellers.