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What to add in gallery video?

Hi Everyone,

I am planning to create a video for the gig gallery, any suggestion of what to add in the video, how to make the video (any tool or online site that can help creating the video)

What are the rules to follow in creating the video?
Is it necessary to add a video of myself explaining the service, or I can create a video without add my face in the video?



Yes, there are rules and limitations. You can’t upload anything.
Approach is up to you.

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As long as you don’t provide contact information/inappropriate content/anything else against Fiverr’s TOS, you have a lot of flexibility. You can show a few samples of work you’ve done, have an audio narration with enhancing visuals, etc.
Since you don’t have to have a super complex video, I mainly use the Photos editor on my Windows PC, but there are other free platforms that work well, such as Vimeo and Canva.


Please see:


making a video rather image will attract more buyer and therefore you should make it the best possible way you can if you have a studio which is the best one if doesn’t have then a smartphone with a good camera feature or DSLR would support you to shoot the video. the duration of the video, not more than 75 seconds. the video content should comprise your introduction that who you are and what your service. if you have an English language communication problem then try to avoid such type of barrier.

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Adding a video in your gig is totally your choice!
if you ask me I would say adding a video explaining about your services isn’t the best solution but in my opinion as I have seen many of my clients coming and clicking my gig because I have a similar video like that in my gig…
Cause when you are clear on your points clients feel confident toward approaching you for your offering services…

Beside that if you aren’t the video about how to make video…
You can use whiteboard animation video like videoscribe
Otherwise making a slider presentation with canva can be easy and professional looking too:D

Best of luck

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Gig videos are a great way to convey individuality and character to stand out from the masses, if done correctly! If not, they can repel potential buyers like a discharged stink bomb.

Obviously, make the video content be pertinent to the service offered, but the sky’s the limit as to how simple or elaborate one can make their video. Just be sure to keep it under the pesky 50 meg size limit and 75 second runtime limit!

And no, including your face or voice is not mandatory in a gig video for the services you are offering. In other categories, like voice over or video spokesperson, the seller needs to provide an actual demonstration of their own voice/self on video.