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What to change in my gigs

Hello Everyone, I joined fiverr in october 2020 and I send buyer requests daily also I am online most of the times, but I am still not getting any orders (I know it takes time but its already 4 months). Can anyone plz check out my gigs that is there anything I need to change in them.


If this is your profile ( then I will firstly complement that your English is indeed very good for being a non-native speaker. However, not being native will be a hindrance for most potential buyers.

May I ask how you chose your pricing?

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Thankyou So much for the complement!

But Sorry I didn’t get what you want to ask?

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Your last delivery was 17 days ago!

Yes it was the first one but the customer didn’t left any review so the order didn’t affected my gigs much!

Your Beta-Reader gig, for example: What made you decide to offer 6,000 words for $5? Or your 30 mins audio or video transcription for $5?

It is just a starting price if I start getting orders, which I will ( InshaAllah ) I will raise it surely. It is just to attract customers ( I don’t think my strategy works but still)!.