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What to charge?

Hi! Someone offered me a job translating 16,000 words from French to English. My current rate is $5 per 500 words which would bring this job to $160, but i feel like that’s not enough considering the time involved! What do you guys think??

You can easily increase your price. I always do if it is technical text as it means I have to do more research to get the proper translation. For such a large number of words you can bump up your price as well.

Just justify it when you send your offer.

I also do not give discounts and this has been a topic of discussion with some buyers who think they should get a discount if they give me a 10,000 word document to translate.

Charge by the hour, not word count for this kind of gig. How much money is one hour of your time worth? And justify that with something a bit extra to sweeten the deal (unlimited revisions, faster delivery, etc)

Many translators charge your rate, $10/1000 words, I generally will charge more for longer texts. Remember that agencies charge $30-50/1000 words for this kind of work so even doubling your rate is still good value for the client. I would suggest $250 for this gig. Your client may be expecting a lower rate for a large document but explain that there is more to translating a longer text than simply more words.

It’s definitely fair to charge more for longer documents, I haven’t found a problem in doing do, most buyers are usually flexible when they want to make sure they get a good result, especially when the project is long.

This would be the same as 32 $5 sales.
You can send a custom order for whatever you want. It’s up to you.

Thank you everyone! I sent an offer for $200, saying that it is a lot of work and will take a lot of time. They haven’t replied yet, so we’ll see what happens!

Just think and calculate about what price(s) you want then send a custom offer.

Buyers would think of it as 32 by $5, just like they are buying 32 gigs, but its not. Going on a long distance, kind of translation job, needs more of your time and energy than you would with 32 separate gigs.

However, I think you are the best judge when it comes to pricing. Outside of Fiverr, such job might be be around $600 or more. There is no offense asking what you want, its left for them to negotiate.


It is difficult to change by the hour for translations. Sometimes a 1000 word text can take less time than a 200 word. It all depends on the topic.