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What to consider when deciding to buy

Ask questions: Ask a seller any questions you have via a message before placing an order.
Anyone offering a Gig should know about what they are offering well enough to answer some normal questions. If its a unusual question he/she should find out the answer for you. If not you should probably pass on the purchase.

That being said, depending on the type of Gig you’re after, don’t push a seller to give you too much free information. Do some research.

As a seller, when I’m asked questions, (as difficult as some may be to answer) I sometimes list the benefits of my Gig offer so potential buyers can decide if it’s something they really need and is useful to them.

As a buyer, I try my best to explain exactly what I’m looking for and ask questions to make sure a seller understands what my expectations are.

Just my tit bit for today :slight_smile:

I give short answers to questions. I used to give long detailed answers but it was just a waste of my time. And two is the limit. I get many questions per day and can’t spend time on messages.

Understandable :slight_smile:

@misscrystal, did you start your $5 is consultation only idea (you mentioned it elsewhere, but I can’t remember where)? I’m considering it for myself. It’s offering a service, it’ll weed out a lot of awful clients and also solves this little riddle. My last inbox transformed into IT help…and no gig. LOL.

What to consider when buying? THE GIG DESCRIPTION! Really, READ IT. I cancel 1-2 orders a day at the moment simply because buyers order my gigs without reading my gig descriptions.

Also, it helps to have an idea before ordering if you know what you actually want. If you don’t and can’t tell me in 2 requests for further information, I simply hit the cancellation button and send you on your merry way.

Lastly, if you are a reseller don’t pretend that you are not or use multiple accounts to order. Okay, what you do and how you present yourself is your business but these are the tactics used by scammers and as soon as I have reason to believe that you are being a little bit untruthful I send you packing with the ‘I don’t know what I want’ zombies.

Oh, and be nice. Ranting to sellers about how you have had bad experiences in the past and EXPECT better or you won’t pay etc etc is about as practical as pouring coffee over your keyboard.

In short, THINK and you’ll be fine.

@Cyaxrex, can’t help but laugh.

I understand completely.

Ranting to sellers about how you have had bad experiences in the past and EXPECT better or you won’t pay etc etc is about as practical as pouring coffee over your keyboard.

Oh my God, I hate those. Why do they always somehow them seem to say something like “I hope you are better” and make it seem like a menacing death threat? I don’t care about your last experience with an evil seller, and quite frankly, you’ve just automatically guaranteed that our relationship is on edge from the beginning–are you sure the problem isn’t you?

Exactly. The problem is usually them and I never work with people like this because of that.

What I have noticed also, is that these are always the people who try to micromanage you too like you are one of their employees. i.e. I’ve had requests to send people a schedule showing them when I will be online in order to streamline communication. Go to hell. All you are really saying is, “Hi, I expect you to hoot, dance, do the splits and segway around the block for $5, you in?”

Erm… No.

You folks would probably enjoy this video :slight_smile: >

I did enjoy this. This was a day in my life!

I lost it at “what about a birdddd?” thanks for the share hahah

Great video…can I get one just like it for five dollars…lol

@wpcorley02… I have a transparent video for $5… will that work? :slight_smile: