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What to do about a horrible buyer, when no one supports me!


Hi, dude…

I am in a measurable condition, last day I got a negative review from a buyer after I provided my service properly. I do reverbnation play promotion on fiverr throughout my fan page,channel and email.On my gig, I grantee that I will bring minimum 4K song play+ 4K video play on his profile. And I did it properly.Generally its promote musician rank on reverbnation, but it depends on many other factors too.And rank promotion is not service that I provide or it is not mentioned on my gig to.This buyer also buy fake twitter follower from anywhere and all his follower gone from his profile.This rank down him on reverbnation. Now, he want me to promote his rank.I provided my service properly and also sent him snapshot of that. And still he see this on his profile.and then he thread me to post negative review .When, I said I am ok by my side ,if you do such thing fiverr will help me.Then, he post a totally unrelated negative review on my gig.

After that I contacted to fiverr support and request them to check this, with proof and remove my “negative” review which is totally wrong for my gig.Also, his provided review do not meet fiverr review policy.but, support manage REQUEST me to negotiate with this buyer.

He also claim he has no competitor and there is no other factor to rank on reverbnation…

Now, what can I do??? This buyer never understand his mistake and fiverr support also don’t.If anyone can help me, I will be grateful…



If you still have time you can do a self-administered “Cancellation Request” if you buyer accepts it, the feedback will disappear (of course, so will the money).

If it’s too late, you’ll have to ask Customer Service for help. Just get the buyer to agree to being made whole in the message thread and CS will take care of you (again no money though)