What to Do About a Libelous Review?


Basically, I delivered a blog post to a buyer who never followed up with me. Fast-forward five days, and the buyer left a one-star review stating that I ignored her requests for a revision.

I checked both the order page and our thread, and I see no sign of any messages requesting changes. I never received a revision request, either.

This seems a little libelous to me.

Might there have been a glitch in the server, and the buyer sent a message that never went through? Is the buyer lying? I know negative reviews happen from time to time, but it’s tough seeing someone complain about how I (allegedly) ignored their repeated requests for changes.

Thanks in advance for your help! I’ve already reached out to Customer Support with screenshots.


First of all, I’m sorry this happened to you.
Since you did send CS a screenshot, hopefully they can help you out
instead of the “We’re sorry, please talk to the buyer etc.”

Because they are no proof of the buyer asking for a revision and the one star is
based on her claim of you not responding to her revision request, I hope they remove it for you.

While you are waiting for CS to respond, get yourself a :coffee:and :doughnut:, it helps!


Thanks so much! I’m more confused than anything (but still mildly annoyed).

I reached out to the buyer a few minutes ago, asking her to forward her messages and/or send screenshots, and she replied: “I saw my message there. I am not sure where the message go that are in response to a completed gig. I don’t know if is a glitch in Fiverr or what but i saw my message and i was waiting for a response.”

I’d love to know where she “saw” these alleged messages! I can also tell she’s uneasy because she was articulate and professional before she placed the order, and her communication with me is full of typos now.


I’m sorry this happened to you! I guess all you can do it wait for Fiverr support to help if they can. Be careful of who you accept orders from as well, watch to see if they’re offering the same gig as you…it’s unfortunate but some sellers will sabotage others :confused:


Have you sent screenshots to the buyer, to prove that you haven’t received any revision request?


Yes, I did. They also told me they could no longer find what they sent. Thanks for checking in.

And CS edited the feedback instead of deleting it. This is worse than expected. Now I have a doctored review on my account, with random sentences missing — CS can pick and choose what they display, apparently!


This is the first I’ve heard of CS editing a review but not removing it. Are you sure the buyer didn’t edit it?

I saw the review and don’t think it’s all that bad. Considering all the other amazing reviews you have it won’t affect your sales. It does help if you put your own response to the review, and sound very professional about it.

I know how frustrating this is. I’m so sorry this happened to you.


I was mostly frustrated because the buyer said I ignored repeated attempts to resolve the problem. The review isn’t the end of the world.

I’m furious about the incident with CS, though. (They did tell me that they edited the review, not the buyer.) I’m a former reporter, and doctoring someone else’s words like that is completely unethical! Especially since the review was contingent on my supposed lack of responsiveness.


I’m very surprised they would edit a review!


Thanks. This person isn’t a seller, but there were a few warning signs in the way they communicated.


I know what you mean. You can tell when something is wrong sometimes in advance.


You are a pro seller & TRS too soo among 1K+ reviews hardly it can affect your sales.


Agreed on that. I’m at a point where I can sometimes tell a buyer is going to be trouble by how they ask me, and often I’ll simply decline the project.

Still annoying to have to deal with this situation. Like Miss Crystal said, considering all the great reviews you have you should still be in good shape!


If you´re sure the buyer wasn´t a re/seller on a sabotage mission, there´s still the possibility they might not have lied but indeed contacted you for a revision not via the button but sent a message which you didn´t get. Apparently, sometimes messages do disappear. :bug:

However, I can´t quite understand that reaction of editing of a buyers’ words either. Remove it (with good reason only, of course) or let the buyer edit, okay, but that? It may have been a bad decision on an individual CS person´s part. I suppose you could ask for a team leader to look at it and to restore the original review if you think it would make a big enough difference to bother or for the principle of it.


I second that. I have had issues for the past week with messages and attachments disappearing and had to apologize so many times that it’s beyond frustrating. How can someone work like that? Ultimately it falls back on the seller just as it did in in this case!


Yes, I read posts about disappearing messages and know from own experience too. My response rate dropped without a reason, CS told me 3 names I allegedly hadn´t replied to, so my replies must have not gotten through to those people.
I had replied and luckily, I could see my replies and sent screenshots. CS said they´d “pass it on to the tech team”, my response rate stayed where it was until it reset eventually. The rate went down from 100% to, I think, 86% just by that, so if it hadn´t been before the new evaluation thing, I´d have dropped a level.

Not that this is comparable to a bad review, just to say it may be possible that the buyer sent a message and Maddie didn´t get it. And yes, that ultimately, it falls back on the seller.


You’re right – maybe there was a glitch of some sort. And that’s why CS’s response is so frustrating!

I totally agree with you. The review was for the most part based on the fact that I didn’t address this person’s concerns, and CS completely removed that part. Maybe the buyer didn’t like my writing style and wouldn’t have given me the highest rating regardless of the communication issue – that would have been fine – but editing the buyer’s words and skewing their experience is unacceptable.


How interesting! I had no idea this was going on, but the buyer’s messages must not have gone through in my case, either.

That makes CS’s response even worse:

"As you are aware, we cannot remove the feedback on this order for you. When a buyer leaves feedback, they are not just rating your delivery, they are rating their experience with you as a seller. We take our buyer’s opinions and experiences very seriously.

“But, after further review of your case by our Trust & safety team, since the following statement was not true, we have removed it from the buyer’s feedback…”

Way to editorialize the buyer’s experience!


Well in THAT case they need to review my one star review and remove it since the entire thing is lies that are provable with the messages the buyer sent me!

Also my only two star review claiming I sent the buyer spam.


Just make sure they don’t pick and choose what to remove!

(I need to grow up and just deal with these reviews, but difficult buyers drive me crazy!)