What to do about buyers wanting "a quote"


Lately in my inbox, potential buyers will come up with these intense, long-range wants and needs where they tell me something like this: I want you to do such and such for me on a weekly basis. Can you quote me how much it’ll cost?

This irritates me because Fiverr isn’t set up to work like that-- it’s not the case where I can say, “For $500 I’ll provide you with weekly blog entries.” Fiverr works, pretty much, on a gig by gig basis, often for the insanely low price of $5, which means $4 or less per gig for the seller.

When you get buyers asking you for a whole lot of work to be done and to give them a “quote,” how do you respond?


When I receive messages like that, I kind of do just what kjblynx does. I inform them of my basic rate, as described in my gig description, and tell them that all work is done on a gig-by-gig basis and based on the rates and services explained in my gig description. Most of the time, it seems like they’re fishing for some kind of a bulk or long-term discount, which I do not offer, and I don’t hear from them again.

It can be annoying to receive those messages, though. While it’s nice to have regular work and orders rolling in, it makes my eyes roll when I read a message from a user who wants some kind of discount or free service and wants to justify it by saying they’ll be placing regular orders. I send them a polite and cordial message, but what I feel like writing is, “Really? Sellers on Fiverr are already offering sweatshop prices, and now you want a discount? Really?”