What to do about copycat work?


I thought my first experience with fiverr was a good one. I paid for a great looking logo, and it was created very quickly. I gave the Seller/Logo Designer a great review – in every email to me they asked for it. However, the day after I got my logo, I see it’s almost an exact copy of a logo of a fairly well-known company! No wonder they could do it so quickly. I have asked for a new one. Do I have any recourse?? I just want an original logo.


First you can request modification from the seller, stating that the logo is a rip-off and you would like a new and original one. Be sure to check again (Google Image, Tineye…) if he or she redelivers.

If the seller declines, you can resort to Customer Support, provide proof of copyright infringement (i.e. the existing company logo), and the support will probably help you cancel the order and refund.

The seller may also ask for mutual cancellation which will not pose a negative effect on himself. Whether you accept or not depends on you.


Thanks Willpower. I’ve asked for a modification, but the Seller won’t respond.

I’ll email customer support as you suggested. Since the Seller won’t respond to me, I’d like to amend my rating of them.