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What to do about order dispute?

Hello, I need some suggestions about the order dispute which is sent by the buyer.

I have an order where I have to connect buyer Facebook with Shopify. But the buyer Facebook ad account was disabled and after sending a request to Facebook, they reactivate it.

But when the buyer adds her payment method to her ad account it goes disable again. For this technical issue I can not complete my task and buyer also do not want to wait. I have sent a request to Facebook again but the buyer sends me an order dispute.

Now I want to know if I left the dispute like that without accepting or canceling. As it will cancel automatically after 2 days and I also contact Fiverr support for help. Will it affect my profile to left the dispute unanswered?


If it says it will automatically cancel in 2 days and you leave it to cancel in 2 days then yes the cancellation will affect your stats (order completion rate).

I know that it will affect my order completion rate. But i have contact customer support and as i have no fault in the order I am hopeful that if support cancel my order my completion rate will not affected. I have previous experience with support cancellation. But now support take more time to response.

So, I want to know what should i do? As i know buyer will not let me complete the work.

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I don’t know the best thing to do here. Maybe someone else can suggest something. You could ask if they can enter a different payment method in case that would work. If you don’t dispute the cancellation it might cancel in 2 days and it might be too late for CS to do anything about it given their long response times currently. You could accept the dispute but that would mean CS would probably not be able to do anything about it and it would affect your stats.

So ideally get CS to cancel it without it affecting your stats due to it not being your fault but they may or may not do it and it may be too late to do it with their current response time.

So maybe try and get them to do a different payment method and try and get CS to cancel it without affecting your stats if that doesn’t work. But it might be too late unless you decline the cancellation one or more times. But if you aren’t able to finish the work (even due to the buyer problem) it should be cancelled at some point.

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Thank you for your suggestion.

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