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What to do about sellers who don't care to reply?

On Fiverr, we have thousands of creative people who showcase their skills. Being a regular buyer of services I write to them. and then what happens? Silence. Mum is the word. Some of them just don’t have the basic courtesy to write back. I understand that they may have a million reasons not to take up my work. It may not be their line of work, or si Life happens, and things are not good all the time, like family emergencies, sickness, just just to name a few. Does that justify this behaviour? I don’t think so.

I am also practical and down to earth. We are not here to change the world, but it would be nice for people to be nice. I wish Fiverr has a feature where sellers can be rated on their responsiveness, courtesy, even when a transaction has not taken place. I know this may not make good business sense because other buyers will keep away from these people, and Fiverr will lose revenue. However that will at least ensure that we have a mix of good buyers and sellers. This will also build tremendous goodwill in the fiverr community.


I’m sorry, did you really just say that family emergencies and personal sickness is NOT a valid reason to miss a few email messages?

On what planet are you living?

This happens at pretty much every business on the face of the Earth, every single day.

You think a salesperson at Widget Company X isn’t going to miss a few emails if his kid breaks an arm, his wife ends up in the hospital, or he catches the flu? Get real.

Stuff -does- happen, and it is the prerogative of an individual to decide what matters more to them; the well-being of themselves and their family, or delivering perfect customer service to some guy with $5. In fact, that’s one of the biggest benefits of freelancing.

Not seeing how your expectations are ‘practical and down to earth’ in the least - rather it seems you’re expecting perfect service even from people you don’t necessarily pay for some bizarre reason. That’s about as far from practical as you can get.

What is the big problem with finding another provider if the people you’re messaging are unresponsive? Same thing as finding another store in the brick and mortar world if you don’t get the customer service you like.

The fact that you feel the need to rate someone you didn’t even do business with though, that’s pretty out there.

‘What to do about sellers who don’t respond’ is a silly question - find another one, obviously. There’s only a few million to choose from.


For starters, if my post was silly, it is sillier to respond to that.

Secondly you seem to be very angry like the post was about you. No it is not , but that is your problem. In your place people would just ignore my post if it was “silly” or see if there is a different point of view. There is no need to be so angry and bitter as your retort shows.

This forum is called “the ranting pot” (if you did not notice) - so why feel so hurt by my post? - I certainly did not include you among those who behave this way (assuming you are a seller on Fiverr)

Lastly thanks for your suggestion that we should look for other providers - that is not rocket science, everyone knows that.


I respond to 95% of messages. Those that request me to do something that is just completely zany (e.g. give them thousands of words free for a bulk order or they go somewhere else) are not worth my time to reply.

Also, I was in hospital for around three weeks where I could not respond to messages on Fiverr. Does that make me a bad seller? Nope.

Let me be clear one thing: This is not about those who are too busy to reply, or have other genuine issues: Someone would ask me … why should I care? Well really One doesn’t have to. I feel bad simply because I make it a point to reply to anyone who writes - within 24 hours. There is no need for someone to take it personally and yell at me, like the other guy above. If you don’t belong to the category of people who don’t care - just ignore my post, and move on!

jpart1320 said: Let me be clear one thing: This is not about those who are too busy to reply, or have other genuine issues:

You said that genuine issues are not an excuse in your first post (i.e. sickness, family emergencies etc.)

I think I get what you’re trying to say. I’ve had a few instances where I’ve missed messages from people. Sometimes, I get so busy with class work that I don’t check in to Fiverr, and when I check my email(which I do daily), sometimes I don’t see the messages in my inbox. Then, I’ve had times when I was not able to get online and respond to people because of power outages or a family emergency. However, when I do get the chance to check on here, and see the messages I missed; I respond to them and apologize for taking so long to get back to them. My mother has worked many customer service jobs, and I think I learned many of my ways from her. A little courtesy goes a long way. Besides, it is just good business to respond to potential customers because it makes a positive impact.

I don’t order much, but I did notice in an “experimental” feature it said it was when I last ordered something(within the last week) I actually got to rate them like I was rating a customer service rep and one of the options was “responsiveness” so I guess they’re trying out similar to what you said, but this is only after an order is complete. I think the issue with a rating system before an order can hurt Fiverr’s “bottom dollar” so to speak so I don’t see it happening before an order occurs. I have seen and suggested before an option to indicate to a buyer days when a seller isn’t there but that hasn’t come to fruition yet. For example some people may work a day job and only be able to do orders on Saturday and Sunday, it would be nice to be able to indicate that to buyers before and during a sale as to why they might not respond as quickly.

I respond to all my messages very quickly (you’ll see I have a response time of 1 hour). I don’t usually respond to orders placed, because I have already set up an automatic response, so I didn’t know I needed to respond again unless I had a specific question. So for me, it might just be because I’ve only been around a couple of months and it never occurred to me to respond to orders when I have already set up an automatic response… :slight_smile:

Of course, I always fill my orders, so it would never occur to me to not fulfill an order once it has been placed either… :slight_smile:

On a different note, how many days is it going to take for my level 2 to show up on the forums? :stuck_out_tongue:

@jpart1320 It seems you really are talking about me. I responded to you four different times since you originally messaged me. I don’t see any comments I failed to promptly respond to. Perhaps there is a technical difficulty? I am concerned as I don’t see where I failed to respond, and I definitely don’t want this to happen with anyone else…

@jpart1320 Reading back through your messages, it really does seem from your responses like you were not seeing my replies, even though they are there. I did not catch that when I was first reading them. Has anyone else had this happen?

Good, @jpart1320. I’m glad it’s not me! :slight_smile:

Lets be clear, lots of “customers” are on here for a business reason. As such they are entitled to expect the Seller to operate in a business like manner… This clearly means business ethics, time management, organisation and customer service principles. We all know that there is one thing that infuriates customers - silence!

Whether Sellers are too busy or not is hardly the issue. Communication is. Sellers need to ensure they reply as quickly and as courteously as possible if they want customers to remain with them. I am frustrated by silence and lack of timely communication. Business is not done that way. It takes a few seconds to say “Sorry I can’t reply fully now but will do so in x minutes/hours”.

“Brandontvedt” is right, there are many sellers to chose from - but that’s the problem. We don’t have time to go through the choices and wait days for replies. But he is wrong about “jpart1320” - he didn’t say it was not a valid reason he said it didn’t “justify” the reason for lack of a basic but courteous reply. The reason may be valid but in business you let your customers, staff and managers know when there’s a problem.


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I understand when sellers take their time in answering emails. But there is a seller I wrote before ordering something because I wanted to be clear and not have problems afterwards, I waited for MONTHS! He never replied, I decided to order the gig because I really wanted it. So I bought it and wrote him something, I was sure this time he would answer my doubts, well he DIDN’T. He deliver the gig and that’s it.

He never reply to any question I made him. Now that’s rude!

Reply to @miuccia: That is very rude indeed. In my view, communication is a vital part of being a seller. To my knowledge I have answered 99.9 % of my messages. The only messages I did not respond to were those that asked me to break the TOS.

I fully understand what you are saying. You message a seller and there is nor reponse. Or in some cases 3 days later they respond "Do you still need me to do the job for you!"

But we all must justify honestly and make sure that nothing bad happened on their part.

However this issue also effects me sometimes, but you must live through it.

I am glad to know that all the commentors on this post all respond to messages.

I have received many messages regarding services I don’t offer. I always reply and try and refer them to the right gig our link (helpful link i.e.

Best of luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

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Well maybe I am old school, but I am kind and courteous. After all the law of karma always works.

Update: when gently reminded, this lady recently wrote to say “if I don’t reply, you should know that I am not interested”. So much for courtesy. I know I am not here to change the world, just ranting. That was more rude than not writing!

Reply to @newspoet:

No it is not you. I have seen your work, and how courteous you are! Thank You!