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What to do about this situation?

Hello again! I have a buyer, a regular client, taking too long to mark an order as complete. I sent the document nearly four days ago and I only got “I’m still reading it” when I asked her if she received the order. Should I message her and tell her to please update the order? It’s past the delivery day by a few hours. I was expecting her to take care of it like she always does. Something doesn’t feel right and I just don’t know what to do.

Did you delivered your order like usual?
Did she requested modification?

After 3 days it will be automatically marked as completed.
My suggestion is not to message buyer if you already did. One message is fine.


If you did everything normally with your delivery the following should happen

If she used the mod button, deliver again and ask her not to use the mod button until she is ready with her edits otherwise valuable time ticks off the fiverr clock

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Yes, I delivered the order like usual and she did not request for any modification.

No she hasn’t used the mod button yet. So if she hasn’t used the mod button, it should be okay and I won’t get in trouble? I delivered three, almost four days ago and today would have been the last day to deliver.

The order will autocomplete in approx 3 days from the delivery time if she doesn’t complete it manually. Maybe she’s just busy with work etc. and it’s a long document/book and she is taking time to read and check it. Buyers aren’t forced to complete the work and can just allow it to complete automatically after the 3 days if they want to.


then you are good. No need to worry, nothing will happen. It will be probably be marked as completed very soon.


Thanks! That gives me a lot of peace of mind.


Sometimes I check in with certain clients I have a rapport with if they normally close out the order themselves with a quick “Hi just checking in to make sure everything was to your satisfaction.” Of course I don’t do this with all just some of my repeated customers.