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What to do after delivery the buyer want to cancel?


Hi! I have a cheapskate buyer… After I finished the order, he said that he found someone better and want to cancel the order. Is it reasonable? I paid for voice over artist and spent over two hours on making the video… I even put up the subtitles he requested and did modification for him. I do not know if customer service can help with it? Which side would they stand on? I am very sad and angry right now! : (


Have you already delivered the work?


I don’t think that is reasonable of him. I think your only course of action is to contact customer service. Since you have given him exactly what he ordered.


If you have delivered the work, refuse to cancel.

Also, please remove the country from your post; the country is irrelevant here.


Even I deliver what we mutually agreed before. He would claimed that he dislike the order eventually. This is the reason for getting the money back. First time, he was going to spend $5 for my 2D Animation 250 words package. I even put up subtitles as he requested, even this is not included in the scope of the package.


I do delivered the order and he request to cancel after I’ve done EVERYTHING! I’m really frustrated now. I declined his cancellation offer since I spent times and money on voice over. This is unreasonable! Meanwhile, I feel disappointed and mad. :cry: It’s just so mean of him to say " I didn’t receive what I ordered ". I even did every modification that he requested. Still he intentionally want to get the money back. This is the final video I made:


Please note that if you accept to cancel, he/she will not hold the rights to the video, and the use of it would imply a copyright infringement. Just for you to know, and you can tell that to your customer.


I will. But I insist on rejecting his cancellation offer. Thank you very much for the suggestion!


I think it is the wisest move looking at the circumstances you told us. You deserve to earn what was agreed.


I feel sorry for you @jones1247 … I also met a client last week… he did the same to me… I’m really upset. But no one is there to help us… He was also a seller in Fiverr, so I told him, ‘‘one day you will realize what you’ve done…’’ and I gave him the refund. God is watching us… He will help us one day… also he will see who do the things wrong… don’t be upset… be strong…

also, if someone is forcing to have a discount, or trying to buy your service in a very low price, don’t work for them… according to my experience , they are hard to satisfy and they will never give you a good rating after taking so much of revisions.

Just listen some new songs, watch a film… you will be ok after few days of time… This is life and this is Fiverr… We have to face things…

Good luck… Don’t worry… Happy sales.!


This is so pathetic :frowning: … Dont worry !! best of luck for your future


10% buyer is rough behave :frowning:


That’s a very precise figure - what are you basing it on please?

While it’s true, as the OP has said, you encounter the odd ‘less than perfect’ buyer on Fiverr, i think most of us would have packed up before now if it were anywhere like 10%.


Keep insisting, and if needed, send them the link to Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and explain that, as stated in the ToS, buyers are not eligible for a refund just because they don’t like the delivered work.


I’ve written the ticket to Fiverr Customer Support and screenshot the evidence that he loved it first and then he said that he found a another great seller and want to cancel the order.

I’ve never had such bad and aggressive customer. I had over 100 positive reviews, and over one night, left me such awful and misleading review Please avoid this seller. Very crappy talent and 100% scammer. Go find another animation creator out there. Hope this Fiverr double check this talent. :disappointed_relieved:

Not to say it’s just 30$ for a 260 words animated video, many scenes to make.

Will update how the final answer I got.


Don’t get discouraged, your gigs are very nice, and you are doing very well. I hope CS can help you.


This is what I got from CS.

Hi there,

Thanks for getting back to us.

Please note that we cannot force your buyer to accept the order if they have issues with it, so you will need to persuade the buyer to accept your work, or negotiate for an agreement with your buyer.

May I recommend that you draw up a list of the buyer, showing that your work has been fully completed in accordance to their initial work requirements, and let us know how the buyer responds?