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What to do after failure to deliver

Hello friends, what do I do after a person fails to deliver on a job?

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Are you a buyer? Did you buy something and seller failed to deliver? Just click the resolution button available on the order page and request for order cancellation.


Ok, thanks.

I am a buyer.

I have opened a dispute with the seller. But I did not cancel the order. Now, the seller has 4days to respond to me. That is too long. If I knew it will be this long, I would have cancel order.

Is it wise to get someone else to do the job or I have to waite the seller’s response?

Reply appreciated.

4 days? Thats really long. Its usually 2 days and not 4 days. You can contact and request them to automatically cancel for you

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Hi Toba_awe,

I am sorry to know about this.

In my opinion better approach may be is to check when was the seller last online.

If he is still online, or was online an hour or two ago, than you may ask him to reply otherwise you won’t have an option other than cancellation of the order and buying from someone else.

I am sure he would respond soon.

If he is online for quite sometime then either you wait, or ask the Customer support to cancel it for you.

I have contacted seller severally even while online, but no response from seller

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Ok, thanks. Will see

Pls what happens if I withdraw dispute so I can cancel order?

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Don’t withdraw. Be patient.:grinning:

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I have cancelled the order.

Pls how do I use the refund in my personal balance to pay for another order?


When you want to buy a service, in the check out part it will tell you that you have money in your account and it will be used.

Alright, thanks alot

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No worries my friend ^^

If you don’t know how to do this simple say to seller to cancel the order:slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks all.

I made a reorder to the same seller and fiverr did not charge for processing fee. I thought I would be charged. Can some1 pls explain more to me.