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What to do after seller declined cancel/refund

Seller has not done any work and is refusing to refund or cancel the order. He has stopped communication with me. What should I do now. It is my first time using this site in a long time and I’m concerned after reading some posts about how difficult it is to get a refund so I want to do whatever I can to try to get my money back after being cheated out like this. If I had known it was difficult I would have been more conservative and careful.


please contact with customer support…

Has the seller delivered anything?

If the order is late (I think it needs to beat least 48 hours after the deadline) and there was no delivery, you should be able to cancel it from your end, and the seller would get an automated 1 star review.


Seller did not send anything at all. Just sent a generic closing and marked delivered before the due date. Just hours after the order was submitted. Today I’ve just been going through the cancel request and decline cycle over and over again. I did a modification request and he sent the same response again with no explanation. I submitted a complaint with customer support and waiting to hear back. Im just in shock that the seller who has all but one 5 star review would do this so blatantly and jeopardize his ratings. This is my first experience with fiverr in about 5 years and I’m so turned off and jaded.

What was he due to give you? Is there a chance maybe you’re not seeing a file he sent or something of that nature?

contact to Fiverr customer support and they solve your problem…

Contact with customer support and cancel the order mutually.

Sorry you’ve had this experience - there are many excellent sellers on Fiverr.

However, based on what we’ve read on the forums, I would say you stand an excellent chance of getting your money back.

As others have said, customer support should sort this for you.

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That’s an empty delivery, and a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

These days, they take longer to respond, but as @english_voice said, you stand an excellent chance of getting your money back (and the seller will receive a warning for making an empty delivery).


Thank you for your reply. Yes, I still have not heard back from Fiverr. In the meantime I do not know what to do with my situation. I continue to request cancellation and he continues to decline it and now I have just given up. Fiverr is just taking a long time to get back and I am just concerned that based on technicalities or time constraints that either the funds gets transferred over automatically or I am not able to get a refund somehow.

What is making me even more jaded is that I just got a similar situation with another vendor that I am using. She knows that this is my first time using this site and asked for me to approve a job when no job has not been completed. The attachment that she sent me is a word document that says “Don’t worry, we are working on it, you will get your results soon, just approve this”. This seems so suspicious and just makes me not want to use Fiverr anymore or at least foreigners. I just thought having good ratings was enough assurance but doesnt seem to be the case at all.

Just keep trying to cancel until you hear from CS. Tell CS everything, tell them to go over the gigs, conversation and deliveries or lack thereof. If what you said about those two sellers is true, they will be banned, no way around it. That’s gross misconduct and blatant disrespect for the terms of service.

In the future, I would advise you to contact the sellers and have a conversation before ordering. If they can’t communicate, or you feel any red flags, pick someone else. What kind of services are you looking for?

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Thank you so much for the assurance. Do you have any tips in finding these “excellent” sellers on this site. I obviously dont know how as another seller that I am using seems to be doing the same thing by sending me empty deliveries and expecting to be approved despite having great reviews.

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This is strictly forbidden by fiverr TOS and if you report that seller they will get a warning.

I would probably also advise to request a revision from your order not just a message) and tell your seller that they are breaking fiverr rules by delivering empty delivery and that you expect your work to be delivered ASAP.


At this point I am just so disgusted by these people and dont want to do business with them. Can I just cancel? No work has been done or sent except the empty delivery.

Is it me or is it just bad luck that the only two vendors that I used are scams with 5 star ratings.

It might be bad luck, it also might be you are choosing wrong sellers. people from a different culture from yours have different ways of doing business. Of course fiverr is trying to minimise this kind of behaviour but it’s too many sellers to deal with. Plus if it’s a low priced gig below at least 100$ (or below the average market price) then its most likely you might end up in similar situations.
I would advise to report any seller who’s trying to do that to you.

You can also request a cancellation from a seller based on the breaking fiverr TOS and not delivering anything. Most likely they sent you empty delivery to stop the clock so they wouldn’t be affected by delivering late. But keep
In mind that your seller still might decline your cancellation.


Thank you so much for your response and your advice. I keep requesting to cancel and he is just so quick to decline but I will still persist lol What happens if I just leave it alone after he declines it again? Will it affect the dispute negatively on me? Support is just taking a while to get back and I just want to make sure I do whatever I can in the meantime to try to get my refund.

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The clearance for payment is usually 14-days, so more than likely your money is in escrow, which means the seller won’t get paid yet.

I’m sorry you had to deal with such terrible sellers back to back, but there are many genuine sellers out there. I would also advise you to take screenshots of everything. If you paid for a service, you deserve that service and nothing less. So don’t settle, or give up on your refund.

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Thank you for the advice. I will definitely not give up on the refund.

Do you have any tips on how to find these genuine sellers?

Sellers receive funds 14 days after the order was marked as complete.So, even if the order closes, you still have 14 days (plus, in some cases, Customer Support will refund you even after those 14 days have passed).

That’s another case of empty delivery. Strictly forbidden by Fiverr’s Terms of Service. Either request a cancellation (and remind the seller that an empty delivery isn’t allowed) or request a revision (that will keep the order open until the seller delivers something, though that something could be another empty delivery).

If it’s 10, 20, 50 ratings, it’s not much on Fiverr, and doesn’t really guarantee much.

Ouch. That can be difficult to find. Generally speaking, if it’s too good to be true (too cheap, unbelievable results), it’s highly unlikely to be true. Also, social media don’t allow selling/buying of followers, likes, subscribers, and so on, so if a seller is offering that, or promises that, they’re willing to break the terms of service of social media (in other words, either willingly breaking the rules and offering a forbidden service, or don’t even know (or care) what the rules are).

Here are some general tips on finding good sellers:


Err, I think not. I had one delivery marked as late, even though the seller was only like 4 hours late. Late is late.