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What to do after send a offer to a buyer's request?

What to do after if you send a offer to a buyer’s request, there’s lots of people sending offer to a buyer’s request so my Question is do I have to wait for the buyer to message me to make the request? or should I already make the request before the buyer message me?


Easy answer: nothing.

You can wait and obsess, pull out your lovely hair, chew your nails…

Best to simply put it out of your mind. There is nothing you can do now. You made your contact, offer, questions… If the person is interested, they will contact you. If not they were not for you, didn’t understand you…

Work on what you can control. yourself & your Gig. Use the energy to make them more interesting to the right people for you (not that is not everyone).



after send a buyer request u have to do nothing but if u send ur buyer request good then sure u receive buyer response…

Thank you for your reply!!