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What to do against scams?


Hey, I hope you’re all doing well with your gigs!

My very beautiful wife has a gig going on about translations, she’s had very positive experiences so far but this morning something out of the ordinary happened.

I want to begin clarifying that she’s a native german speaker and speaks perfect english (I’m from Chile so I speak and write in english with her ALL the time).

This guy right here called fragglesrock (by the way, neither name info nor profile picture posted) bought a gig right away from her without even messaging/contacting first. The gig was about translating a document from english to german.

Fair enough, she spent some time translating this document for him and sent it last night.

This morning she woke up to see a nice message from this guy that said “it had many mistakes, we won’t be ordering again”. No explanation at all about the situation.

So, this guy got a flawless victory right here: got the job for FREE and made my wife lose some hours translating his document that used VERY basic english.

My questions are, is there any way to block this guy so he can’t order again from her? What can we sellers do to stop these situations? any recommendations to prevent this from happening again?

Sorry for the long wall of text but this situation really got on my nerves, my wife spends many hours a day translating and has had very positive feedback, so there’s no way this guy could’ve been unhappy with her work.

Thanks in advance ! :slight_smile:

Sheriff’s note: calling out other users is not allowed in this forum.


Wow, that sounds terrible!!! And there’s really no option to ban or report the user? Fiverr must create such a thing immediately!! Can somebody tell more stories about that or comment? I’m quite new to Fiverr and such stories are just malicious.



How did he get it for free? And delete the name, as it’s not allowed on here.


We just had a similar situation happen to us earlier. We did a mixing and mastering job for this guy( who we discounted our services for when he claimed he didn’t have enough money. NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN!!!) and after spending about 2 days working on his project, we send it to him and he claims it doesn’t sound like his reference track. Now, his reference track sounded horrendous. We turned the files he gave us into something you would hear on the radio and he hated it. So, as a courtesy, we give a full breakdown of the files he gave us and what we turned them into. We gave him before and after pictures of the session and an even higher quality mix of his song just to be told that he still hated it and cancelled. He’s the first person to ever do that to us. With that cancellation, not only did he waste our time, but he got a free mixing and mastering service for his song. To ensure he never orders from us again, I would love if Fiverr created a ban/block button because we do offer other gigs and I never want to deal with that guy again because if he orders something else from us, i’m going to immediately cancel and that just hurts our numbers in the long run.


This happens from time to time. Scammers will say it’s not good and try to cancel the gig to get the work done for free.

There is no way to block the user, (and by the way it is against the policies of Fiverr for you to name names so don’t do that again in the future), but if your wife gets an order from someone like that she should jsut immediately do a mutual cancellation and then contact customer support to let them know.


Also, in general it is not a requirement that a buyer must contact a seller first before ordering. If your wife wants to do it that way, she needs to clearly write that in her gig description. Then if someone ignores it, she should do a mutual cancellation right away.


Usually the story has 2 sides


I’m sorry for you and your wife’s experience!

You can report the users using the bottom right hand corner of any messages (click on report). Fiverr’s Trust and Safety will look into the users activity. Don’t be afraid to user this feature as it’s provided to prevent abuse from users-to-users within the community.


Sorry for posting the name, I had no idea it wasn’t allowed.

Thanks for all your messages, luckily there wasn’t so much money involved in this, but I don’t want to imagine the same situation with $100+ gigs.


Reply to @mynewsoundtrack: Just be prepared though, that does happen. Rare for higher amounts, but it’s business. When running your own business, it’s normal to once a year have a check bounce or something like that, so it’s same principle here. Plus with everyone and the system being so anonymous to one another, it can occassionaly lead to trouble.

the lesson here though is that if something doesn’t seem right from the very beginning cancel the job right away and just move on.