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What to do and what no to do to get first order on fiverr

please instruction me . How can i get first order on fiverr . i have experience in web development


Well, I guess the first thing is to think how/why someone would think/believe that you are good enough to hire?

I know you think you are great. And maybe you are but how does anyone know this? Maybe your gigs say how great you are - literally in those words all too often - but do any of your gigs show how good you are, what you have done?

Is any of that clearly good work - if not great work?

No offence but that image you included above is neither of those - maybe passable for anyone who hasn’t realized that they can get that sort of stuff all over the net for free. Nor does it back your claim of being a Web person as they look like bot-made logos. Show websites. I know it is hard to link to things on Fiverr but get creative and maybe use video to show us something special that solves a problem elegantly.

This is how you find the people who are looking for you. If they are not looking for that, then you know there is no market for it. If you do another bland (we are amazing) presentation of nothing in particular (like bot logos or woo commerce generic installs) then you haven’t proven anything when no one buys - or only buy 200 hours of your life for $5.

: -)


If I wanted a developer, which I don’t as I can code myself, the things making me not want to hire you would be:

“I will make dynamic your website”

“Socialate Login Integration”

“Help you deployment website on hosting server”

"it doesn’t make me boring… i have remarkable skill "

“How long i support my client ? after deploymen, first seven days i will provide you free support and modification and after 1 week you have to provide sevice charge acording to work.”

You’ve just confused me. If you confuse potential buyers you can’t expect sales.

As for “what no to do”, you’re doing just fine there by yourself.


i wanted suggestion . but you are marketing your company . hahaha, it’s funny

thanks a billion for highlight my errors . i will update everything.

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Well, as a new seller on Fiverr you have to struggle for first order such as.
Every Day Sent 10 Buyer request.
And also Share Your Gig Social Media
Try To active Long Hours About 15/18 hours
I hope you will get Very soon Your First order thanks.


Improving your gig description and title, as well as picture and video is a good way to boost your performance. Particularly getting rid of typos and grammatical errors.

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thanks a branch . i will follow your instruction

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okay i will try. greeting thanks


No I wasn’t.

By your insulting response you have just offended someone who put a lot of time and effort into offering help. Especially seeing you rewarded the person who essentially said exactly the same things I did - probably at the same time I was as I saw them typing. That is a big FU when you do that to someone.

Good luck with it if that is the sort of person you are. Learn to understand before shooting people.

Sad, sad sad.