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What to do as a seller to help shipping something to someone?

Hi I am a seller and someone wants me to ship something to him internationally. Although the weight of the samples is low, the shipping cost is a bit high and has to be paid at my side. What is the thing I have to do as a proof that I have really shipped the goods? One of the worries is that the client receives the goods perfectly and lies to Fiverr that they don’t receive the goods and asks for full refund (and giggles)

Picture? Video? Receipt?

Use a carrier service like FedEx that delivers the package and makes the person sign off on it. It would cost more than mailing it but you’d have a signed receipt to provide as proof.

If I were going to deal with shipping, it would have to be something that had such a low cost to me it was OK to write off as a loss. If I were doing it as a buyer (seeking reviews) it would have to be something I obtained at cost and at very low cost ( probably less than $3 including shipping. As a buyer, though, I would have more guarantees of a refund in the event of a bad deal.

As a seller, it would have to be digital delivery (no cost) or less than a $1 cost otherwise. If I had only a few bad deals resulting in the loss of more than $20, I wouldn’t do shipping gigs anymore. I haven’t done any yet because nothing I have to buy or sell would allow for this plan. In my opinion from a birds-eye view, shipping for sellers is better handled on the site of a major A-retailer or E-auction.

As a buyer, only digital goods would be worth it past a few initial attempts. For me, no Picture, Video or Receipt would prove enough on either side. Cost to me alone is my factor.

@yiching1990 i think you should contact fiverr support for advice

Don’t do it. I think it’s not going to be a good situation. What kind of samples are you sending? Your profile says there are no gigs available right now, so something must be wrong.

Also, even if you use FedEx and the delivery gets signed for, they buyer can still say it was not the right sample and still request a refund.

how much is it going to cost to ship it? And the buyer is going to pay you for the full amount of shipping before you mail it, right?