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What to do at cancellation?

What if I did work and buyer at last goes for mutual cancel and if I keep rejecting what happens?

If you think, you did your job done perfectly. Then contact with customer support with evidence (screenshot & delivery work).:slight_smile:
They can help you on this problem.:slightly_smiling_face:

Does it really work?

Example a work was for design and in the middle I aksed is the deisgn good and buyers says yes its good will that proof be enough that at middle he says its nice and at last says It was not good.

Why he wants to cancel? Did you cover all his requirements? If yes, this can be proof.

If buyer wants some modifications Do it for a good review…:slight_smile:
You can get help from Customer Support…if you complete all requirements of your buyer.:slightly_smiling_face:

I gave him 2 revision and on third revision when I was working I again told in middle is this what you want and he said yes nice but again at end he changed password and said that he didn’t get what he wanted

When he comes online. Ask him again if he need any modifications. If he didn’t respond please contact with customer support.
Hope they can help you.:slight_smile:
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