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What to do? Cancel order?


I have one GIG which is for TESTIMONIAL.In description its writed " I do 1 minute video testimonial in this gig ".

On extra gig i have writed “I will record your video more then 1 minute length”.

One buyer has make the order and he has writed to make video 5 Minutes Lenght + he hasnt write the script ( olso for this need to pay 5 $ , becouse he wanted from me to write the script). I have told him that for this need to pay extra gigs for script and for 5 minutes video lenght or need to cancel the order.Olso he told to touch my feet when i make the video ( which i dont prefer).He hasnt ask me on message if i will do this.

He told me : CANCEL IT.

But i dont want to cancel and to apper negative ration on my profile becouse i have all positive and i do my job very well.Its not my foult that he has make this BAD ORDER.

What i need to do?

This is apparently a not uncommon practice by some buyers. It is unfortunate that you have now crossed paths with one of these people. Just a suggestion: try to contact the buyer one more time. State clearly (and nicely): "Since you’ve already purchased a 1-minute video testimonial, why don’t you let me complete that job for you? If you like my work, then you can come back and purchase a longer video testimonial, which costs (fill in the amount here or explain how the gig extra works). Please note that if you would like me to write the script, you must purchase the gig extra for that."

Maybe if you approach him nicely, he will go through with the 1-minute video he’s already bought (and save you from the cancellation) but he should then be clear that if he wants a longer video and/or if you also write the script it will cost more. Maybe you can ask him what the purpose is for you to touch your feet? If he doesn’t have a good reason, he may have a foot fetish…and it’s up to you if you’ll do this or not. Some women consider that harmless, but others aren’t comfortable.

If he continues to ask for a cancellation, you’ll have to do it. We all have some cancellations in our history!

I was in similar situation 24 times just let me know what to do in this situations it’s angry me a lot I’m just getting ruined for a weeks I’m just want to know WHAT TO DO WITH BUYERS WHO DON’T WANT TO PAY!!!

Just Br, D

@venusgirl I would suggest you simply cancel sweetie.As I understand you haven’t delivered anything, isn’t it? Go to the resolution centre and send your client a mutual cancellation request.When he/she accepts, you’ll just refund him and this will not decrease your overal rating (the buyer doesn’t have an option to rate you after mutual cancellation).The thing is…will he accept the request or will he decline…?

Best of luck


I have DECILINE the order.Hope that will not affect on my gigs or to buyers ( or anything).I am afraid for this only if this will affect to my gig or not :(. I have 100% positive rating on all gigs.