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What to do during holidays?


Hi all, I have this question for you, what should I do with my Gigs during holidays or exams when I will not be able to complete orders? Just suspend all my Gigs for a while? Would that affect my rating or anything like that?

Also, should I then announce it on my profile or so that I will be off for a while?

Just wondering how you guys handle those situations. Thanks for replying!


Thanks a lot for your thorough answer! It is really very helpful.

I think I’ll have to find my way through this a bit. Thanks for your time!


@madmoo is very good at helping people!

That said, since you seem to be fairly new (but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, I base this only on the fact that you are not yet a Level 1), I think it might not affect you as much as it might affect someone who is on a certain level (but not a Top Rated Seller). It can also depend on what kind gigs you have; I got all kinds of curious and decided to check your page out (and boy you are new! but this might be a question for the future and not something you’re planning on doing right now).

Some of the gigs, like the translation for example, you might be able to keep active (and just increase the delivery time) because that’s fairly straight forward (depending on how many words you translate per gig), whereas creating a website or teaching someone something or doing something that requires more attention and creating, might be best if you suspended so that you don’t have to worry about it while you’re busy or enjoying your free time. That way, although your search results for the other gigs might suffer a bit, you would still be considered an active member (especially if you kept logging in) and hopefully the “damage” might not be as great.


Yes, well, I’m around here since 6 days now! :slight_smile: Had like 3 orders so far, completed 2 and another one I still have to wait for the buyer to fulfill the order requirements…

And thank you too for your interesting help! You guys are great!


And I missed your question, sorry about that. I’ll be having an exam period in a few weeks, that’s why I was wondering.


I think I answered it pretty well in another thread… just don’t go on vacation. Or in your case, just skip your exams. What’s the worst that could happen?

Just kidding!!

I usually extend my delivery time a little, but then deliver them during downtime when I’m actually on vacation. There’s always a little bit of downtime =)


Thanks for all those good suggestions which I will keep in mind as I will soon be travelling and it may be that I will be out of Internet for some time, not sure for how long, could be a couple of days or a week, and it could be that I might be able to connect from time to time during that period. So what I think of doing is that for some time consuming Gigs, I will extend the delivery time or suspend some of them, keep those that can be delivered rapidly from an airport for example, put a notice on my profile that I have extended my delivery time just to be on the safe side, AND message all my regular customers to this effect. I think that this should work for such a short period of time. <):slight_smile:


Reply to @magellon: And don’t forget to put a notice in the gig itself, where you might even be able to include a date for your return. It would depend perhaps on how long you’d be away for.

I hope you have a good time travelling!


When I had exams I suspended my gigs for the duration.

However for my more regular customers I let them know a month beforehand and so they were able to get orders done ahead of time so that it didn’t affect them to much. I did notice that after reactivating my gigs it took a couple of weeks to start getting regular orders again.

I would be hesitant about extending delivery time as this could have a knock on effect later on as it will increase your estimated delivery time which is calculated using previous times.


Okay, suspending may sound best after all. Maybe that I will keep some of my Gigs up anyway.

Thanks for your time and good answers!