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What to do further improve my gig ? I did everything/My story

Hello. My story so far:
I have been on fiverr since 2017 but wasn’t serious. Made a gig forgot about it. Never got a any buyers. This year after reading some success stories wanted to get serious on this platform. Updated images, changed seo into best possible versions. Even made video for a every gig. After checking other gigs no ones using video for their gigs. Removed that (don’t want video as a primary thumbnail). Checking buyer’s request frequently, nothing so far. Then started to shout out on my instagram. Usually, I got 200 likes and thousand reaches. Not even 1 click so far. Messaging and with so much hassle got only two orders. So, How do you go from this ? Market more ? or wait patiently ?
Did any of you got success by using instagram, facebook ad boost ? If it can gain traction to my fiver and hopefully few good reviews I’m willing to throw thousand on ads.
Thank you for reading my grammar bomb.


It takes time and effort to build your Fiverr business.

Check this out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait!

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I have read most of the top post in that section. I cant be even considered new seller. Been visitin this since 2017 only got 2 orde after spamming on my instagram into thousand people. Shouldn’t fiverr be responsible for a even for a some reach and leads. I don’t even think that my gigs are bad. I have even tried to offer 20 hours of work with 5$. No avails. Is it just became too saturated and has no longer any future?

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There are numerous posts in the link I gave above which apply to all sellers whether new or not.

Check this one out: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR

Will leave this with you.


Hi! When did you start taking this platform seriously? January? February?
I am asking because you should not expect getting orders immediately after “getting serious” about it. You could see the first results in days, weeks, months…

Also, your account was left idle for 3-4 years so maybe it takes a while for Fiverr to see the latest movements from your account and make your gigs visible or rank again? I am not sure. But, keep working and be patient.



Apparently Happy Birthday is in order. birthdays are hard if we don’t feel on top in life. In a few days you should start to feel more energy from the new cycle. Use it. Something hasn’t been working, time for a new path.

I hope this does not offend you but I think you need some guidance and this I can offer from my self:

This clearly indicates a point where existing expectations need to be unwound. A change must happen. this is mostly in the sense of how you feel, how you use (or misuse) your Energies (the two Fire cards). This is a beginning if you allow it. The pain is because you don’t really want to accept it. Understandable but not allowable.

Something broke through recently (maybe end last year). Maybe you saw something, did, or said something. From that (even though that was not the true cause) you have set a big change of direction in motion. One that right now probably feels out of your control - even though part of it is exactly what you want. The energy is there (I see the ability is there as an artist) but you need to focus & direct it.

Right now you are unfocused. Your expectations are part of the reason for this. You expect that you can change without change. That everything should be as it was only as you want it to be in your dream. That there is nothing you need do and it should be right. Easy to do. Hard to live with the results of.

Look at your world view. Maybe things that you think around “how things are” are not the way they really are. Or the way they need to be to let yourself get into action. This is not an easy time. Not a time for easy wins but for getting a clear sense of who you really are and where you need to be and how. Move past the illusion to weave your own web as the one you were in is not yours anymore.

There is a path there or this would not look like this. You need to make yourself ready for it. If art isn’t paying, do it for the sake of it. Do something amazing to help you focus yourself. Publish that and go again.