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What to do if a buyer ask for additional work out of the gig description after leaving a 5-star review


One client assigned me a task and then i send it after completing and he accepted and completed the order with a 5-star review. Now, he is asking for more work that doesn’t come along the budget he paid in his order. He is threatening me to cancel his order (after completing with a 5-star review), if i don’t do the task. I want to know- Can he cancel the order now? Should i deliver him the extra work at this point? Or can he modify his review anyhow?


No, he can’t modify his review without asking you to initiate it, which obviously you’re not going to do.

Take the conversation straight to CS, and explain exactly what you’ve said here - good luck!


If the order is complete, the buyer is no longer entitled to additional work from that order. If he threatens to cancel, keep a record of his threats, and present them if he tries to involve CS. And if he tries to cancel the order, you can deny his request.

Don’t let foolish or demanding buyers bully you.

The terms of your service, and the terms of Fiverr are there as limits for a buyer such as this.


If only those terms would also prevent buyers from making unfair chargebacks…


Thank you. If i try to be good and gentle, some buyers want to take chance of it. I won’t give him any more task. What if he places another order and leave a bad review to take revenge?


Thank you for your reply.


I don’t think that buyer will be willing to spend more money just to take revenge… but they might make a forced chargeback and still get their money, although with the risk of losing their account as well.


They can’t get refund without the support of CS. But, i don’t think i have done any wrong. So, will CS support them to get refund?


@farhanamila Any buyer can actually get a forced refund, even without CS’s approval :wink:

They can make a Paypal dispute, and they will get their refund without Fiverr being able to do a thing to prevent that - but doing so will disable their account. It has happened to many of us, and it will probably still happen.


You should ask him to place another order. It’s simple :slight_smile:


Give him or her your best verbal middle finger.


I fear that if he will leave a bad review if he places another order.


He he he. I wish i could.


I didn’t know that. Thanks for sharing something that i don’t know. Oh, that’s not a problem if he can take so much hassle for getting refund.


Communicate him effectively and let him know that for the extra work you should place another order. If the extra work is not much time taking then you should do it to favor your customer. He/ she may become a long term customer.
Customer satisfaction should be the prime importance :blush:


I wouldn’t want to have a long term customer who would always ask for additional free work just because they’ve left a good review or because they’re a long term customer (if they ask once, they’ll always ask, and maybe even more). It’s business. It’s like: “You need my service, I offer it to you, so don’t try to grab my whole hand now just because you needed my service in the first place”.

So yes, while I do agree that customer satisfaction is critical, I’m definitely not bound to offer additional free work for the same amount of money just to keep a customer satisfied. That’s not satisfaction - in my dictionary that’s called taking advantage of someone :smirk:


Chargebacks are so annoying :confused: We had the same exact problem at Home Depot (the job I quite to Fiverr full–time!) People would get their special order or their install and then initiate a chargeback with their credit card. I was in charge of fighting these (I was a COS) and even for a big box store they are almost impossible to fight. My dept had like a 30% success rate.


Bro If someone asks for some extra work if I am free and it’s not much time taking then i will definitely do it. I have done this several time due to which I have got number of orders from those customers. As the customer gives you Tip for the appreciation then you should also do some extra work (once not always). it’s my point of view. You agree with it or not it’s your own choice :smirk:


once the gig is delivered and buyer leaves you feedback, the order is finished. That is it.

@hasnat_23 you doing things wrong.


@miroslavglavic No man you got my point wrong. I said that I do some extra from my side let’s say if the buyer has ordered for 2 Logos then i will deliver 4 Logos instead of two. That’s it. Nothing extra else. I hope you have got my point. :wink: