What to do if a buyer threatens you to give negative rating if not refund?


just asking curiously what to do if i do all my buyers work and after that he wants refund and if i disagree he threatens me to give negative rating?


I already answered this question in your other comment. Please don’t repost just to get attention.


By the way i’ve posted it before you even replied me so if you have a
problem to post on my topics


If you have a problem dont post on my topic other people are happy to help


I will post on any topic that I wish. I am here to help people. It is not your place to tell me where I can and cannot post. I cautioned you not to do something that I have seen many other forum users do in the past – and many of them have had their copied posts pulled by the mods.

I’m trying to help you… buddy. Don’t double post.


actually you’re trying to get attention by arguing with me on my post you better get somewhere else


Not going to happen. Have a good evening.


Bro never give up and try to understand your situation from your buyer


Thank you for a genuine reply really appriciated


It’s your choice. You either give the refund, or you take the negative review.


What @jonbaas say is right. Beside that… fiverr terms don’t allow anymore to refund in exchange to not have bad rating. Read post of Jon and you will realize that he don’t need attention but is trying to give you more information & help.



Actually, other people of which I am one do not like it when a Forum user posts the same thing twice. It is like they are searching for the answer they want to hear, not the answer that is true.
@jonbaas told you the truth the first time you posted this. Be a wise :owl: and do not post it for the third time. Also, I think Jon deserves an apology. :slightly_frowning_face:


I would report him to customer support. I’m not sure what they would do but they might warn him. I don’t think this is allowed.