What to do if another seller copies your gig almost word for word


Another seller has done a perfect job in copying the design and look of my gig.

Not sure how intentional it is.

The main thing i am concerned about is that one of their gigs wording is identical to mine?

What are the rules in this regard? Do i just accept as something that happens on fiverr? Or do i contact support?


That has happened to me before. Contact fiverr customer support and give them their link, and your link that they are copying. It should be down in no time!


Reply to @alliemadison12: Thanks! Have done just that! They have also copied nearly exactly my profile description and my design style and colours!


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Yes i realise that. Still doesn’t make it ok! Now i know how fiverr feels with fiverr clones!


No one wants to clone me :(( makes me think bad thoughts


Reply to @seemydeath: :wink:


So i have contact support. Still waiting for a result. Which i could show the copy and my page… Think there needs to be a clear distinction between getting inspiration form another seller for creating a great gig and down right getting the photocopier out!