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What To Do If Anyone Ask For FB ID?


In Fiverr forum, today someone asked me in msg my fb ID for to be friend. My question is, how reasonable this type of msg in a professional platform?


If someone PM’D you with this request, report them immediately.


Providing personal contact information would be a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service. If you do it, you could get permanently banned from Fiverr.

EDIT: Read Fiverr’s Terms of Service thoroughly, so you don’t accidentally do something that would get you banned.


It is not professional to do it, we shouldn’t get personal with our clients


I don’t share my personal contact info with clients or anyone. We are here for seal our service not to be friend with anyone.


Do exactly the same thing you would do if a stranger with unwashed clothes approached you and asked you for your home telephone number in a local park. Drop kick them to to the floor, stamp a stiletto heel into one of their eye balls, and shout, “Not today Ted Bundy.”

Then report the incident to local law enforcement.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: That’s funny!


What if a client I’ve worked with multiple wants my e-mail address so that they can make a permanent part of their site staff and pay me through Fiverr? I really don’t wanna bother CS anymore - I’ve had like 5 tickets last month.


You say that you are very sorry but as per Fiverr terms and conditions, you will be banished from the marketplace at even the slightest suggestion that you had shared your personal information.

This isn’t even a question for CS. It’s like asking what a crocodile will do if you starve it for 6 weeks and put it in a paddling pool with the neighbour’s kids.


I like the mention of Ted Bundy. :smiley:

P.S: Do the same if some suited-booted stranger approaches you and asks for the same. :wink:


LOL. It’s funny. But I did almost the same thing here. I posted here not for solutions (I have already done what I had to) but to concern everyone about that. I also want that who PM’D me, S/he would watch this and be careful for next time. And a warning for those who will do the same in future.


It’ll take anyone at least a year to make a crocodile hungry. Those monstrosities can survive up to 3 years without food or water.


In that case, send me a geneticist. I’ll have them incorporate crocodile genes into my own genome in order to be able to physically survive Fiverr algorithm changes.


If there was a way I’d already be doin it.


Hit the report button