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What to do if buyer is cursing you?

Finally, I got my first gig :slight_smile: But the buyer started cursing me saying bad words :frowning: I felt really bad because I know it was his mistake that he did not realize all files were submitted.

Basically it was a video but there was an option to have an audio only so it has 2 folders. He thought that he was ripped off and bought a video but i gave an audio.

I replied to the buyer explaining the contents. I am worried if he still rants or will chill out and realized his mistake. Or maybe he will leave me a bad review :frowning:

What should i do?

Can you take screenshots of the conversation and post them here, with the buyers name covered so no one can see who it is?

Why the buyer thought he is buying video, but got audio instead?

Its good to make sure that it is not your fault before contacting customer support.

Please see screenshot. I believe when he opened the folder maybe he was focused on the folder named audio files, but actually it was just another folder. It has video folders. The audio files are just optional if someone prefers to just listen.

This is unacceptable behaviour, and you’re absolutely correct to flag the buyer to Customer Support.

Out of interest - did you definitely submit the video using the Deliver Now button? I don’t see any record of the delivery in your screenshot. It looks like the order started, and then the buyer has sent you a message. You didn’t submit the work via the Message tab did you?


I guess you are talking about this gig

Buyer is not allowed to talk this way. So you can contact CS. It will be CS who will decide what to do in this case, after they check what you have sent and if you delivered everything as written in your gig order.
I needed time to understand what PLR is, since I was surprised to see that you are reselling already created video courses. But I see that probably you are not breaking any of the fiverr rules, as far I can tell.

Keep us posted how will this end.

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Thank you for your advice! Yes I really did my part, i delivered extra mile since he got videos plus audio options. I was trying to was trying to understand his point and I believe he must have mislooked the folder thinking there was no video. I almost cried last time for this first gig of mine, but i am happy now I got my very first gig that was delivered with a tip and a happy buyer :slight_smile:

Anyways for the PLR (private label rights) there are ebooks, videos, music and other products that was created by the author for rebranding and reselling. These products are sometimes used for personal, for optin emails, freebies and since we also purchased these to make money we are allowed to resell :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the big help for a newbie like me, i will take your advice…good luck and wishing you all the best! :slight_smile:


Hi, just out of curiosity, the person who talked to you in that obnoxious way, ended up leaving you a tip and a good review?

If so, I’m very happy for you, but I would NOT want to deal with him ever again. Wow.


My bad :slight_smile: I mean there was a 2nd buyer yesterday that completed my order which is my first official completed gig :slight_smile: The first one who was cursing me has no response yet but I explained to him about the content he got and delivered. I guess this gig status will not be completed until he responds or I contact support?

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If I were you, after you get a few reviews under your belt I would raise your prices to avoid this type of buyer in the future. The people who want the cheapest work are almost always the nastiest.

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Oh ok! Yes, wait a few more days and see if he finally got it :roll_eyes: Then you can decide if you need to contact CS or deliver again with a polite note explaining it again… good luck! :blush:

WOW, are you kidding me?! That was uncalled for. :astonished:

I just read the screenshot conversation. The Buyer interaction is appalling. :rage:

Never condone this type of behavior, just because a Buyer places an order doesn’t give them the right to disrespect you, ask for freebies or verbally abuse you. Report this behavior to CS immediately don’t think twice about it. You didn’t deserve this at all. You deserve Clients who will treat you kindly and professionally.

Nathalie, I’m sorry this happened to you. :rose:


The link was given on my message after the order so that they can download it right away. And then i click deliver and also attached a bonus :slight_smile:

Let me know if I’m doing it right? I’m still learning hehe

Thank you so much for the advice. I will consider it since i almost cried for $5 :smiley:

Thank you so much Nika :slight_smile:

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