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What to do if Buyer is MIA?

Hi guys. A buyer contacted me last night with an urgent VO job request and as soon as I saw it hours later (time difference; it was night time where I’m at), I tried to get the requirements and he accepted my job offer (quoting price). After one tweak, I haven’t heard from him since. I thought that it’d be completed and delivered (with his confirmation that there’s no further edits) within the next few hours but he didn’t reply at all.

Giving him the benefit of the doubt that he’s probably working on it with his client and have yet to get back to me but just wanted to be prepared in case it’s one of those buyers who runs away after getting what they want. What should I do in this situation ?

Should I just click Delivered? But what if he doesn’t release payment to me for the job done?


I think you should contact fiverr help.They will guide you better

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You mean that you haven’t delivered by using the Deliver Now button on the order page?

You’ll need to do it if you don’t want the order to be marked as late (and if you want it to count as an actual delivery). If the buyer needs you to change something, they can always request a modification on the order page.


Yeah it’s not marked delivered yet because the buyer’s supposed to let me know if there’s anything to be changed; it’s not the final product yet. But he’s been MIA since then so I’m just trying to be prepared and seeking the community’s advice.

If you are running out of time you should deliver the order by clicking on final delivery, if the buyer need further modification he can sent you to modify. If you offer revision on your gig then it will be ok @rainydaysandbub

I havwe similar. I sent the buyer a finished piece to look at before clicking ‘Deliver Now’. He asked me NOT to Deliver Now until he had reviewed ‘if I valued my feedback’ (!). And he is MIA. No response, and Customer Services say ask for an extension.

But if he is not responding even after two weeks and I ask for an extension, surely he has to respond to approve that? I feel stuck…and I feel your pain!

Mine also was “an urgent job”!

If you haven’t done it already, report that to the Trust & Safety team. Threatening isn’t allowed, and what your buyer demands isn’t how Fiverr is meant to work.


Catwriter, thank you, Indeed, you’re absolutely right. I ought to have reported it back when it was said and I am now kicking myself for my utter stupidity.

I am in contact with my Fiverr ‘success manager’ and he has been super helpful, so I will deliver the file anyway before the deadline, explain to the buyer this is simply how Fiverr works, and hope they send their revisions!! :slight_smile:

I really appreciate your input–it’s great to know I am not going crazy and that it sounds amiss to you too.

JUST AN UPDATE: 29th October. I managed to cancel this job tonight and I feel like a mountain has been lifted off my back. I did this as the buyer sent a long list of ‘revisions’ that were not revisions at all–they were new material.

He also requested a 21-day extension to list more ‘revisions’!! Jeepers. This was looking like the longest job I would ever get–all for the sum of $300 (and I had already put in a full week on this task). So at that point, I said ‘I’m out’. I’d rather give my focus to the great Fiverr buyers I get most of the time, than have someone like this tie my energy up.