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What to do if buyers asks for personal contact?

Hi i want to ask that what to do when buyers ask for personal contact like email,whatsapp or facebook ? is it allowed on fiverr to share personal details ?

You can’t share email and cell numbers at Fiverr.

You can get your account banned for it. It is better to ignore such requests. And report the person if he/she insists on sharing it.

Great question. Thanks for posting this. I usually tell them that it’s against FIVERR policy to communicate offline. I have found that some people genuinely don’t know about this rule. And those that do know, but don’t care, quietly disappear when you explain that it’s not allowed.

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When they ask, I remind them that sharing personal contact information is against Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and send them the link to it (

I know that most people (buyers and sellers both) don’t bother to read the ToS, but ignorance isn’t much of an excuse when someone gets caught breaking the rules.

It is against Fiverr TOS.

just ignore those kinds of buyers

Thank you guys for guiding me :slight_smile: but one more question if some buyer give their email when we don’t even ask for their email will fiverr ban us ? its not our fault though

Just click the report button and proceed to ignore them.