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What to do if client ask to cancel order right after they ordered?

What do you do when a buyer decides that, 2 days (out of 10) after ordering, they want to cancel the order for no good reason (or just because they changed their mind?)

  1. You mutually cancel and your stats drops to like 80% (because you do like 4-5 orders a month). And you get demoted.

  2. You deliver the order and the client is angry and give you 1 star. Even though you did a very good job.

  3. You try to find a way to agree on the order but the client just decided to cancel and keep opening disputes so you are back to choose 1 or 2.

Im talking in a case where the client really has no good reason to cancel. And seller didn’t start working on the order at all, but has still plenty of time to do it.

What would you do? Thank you.


I see you are a no level seller so there is no way you can get demoted any further. :wink:
So I would cancel.

The poor review will hurt you more and besides the client can complain to CS and in my experience they usually let them cancel.


You could also first try 3. (like offer them to credit them the amount on their next order) and if it won’t work ask support to cancel for you, it’s not a guarantee but a chance that it wouldn’t hurt your stats then, especially if you still have 8 days or so left and can afford to wait for support’s reply.


No actually I was level 1 two months ago and got demoted because I canceled ONE order. And Im supposed to come back level 1 at next review but it will extend by 2 months if I cancel another order. The reason is because I do only 3-4 orders per months (because my orders are like 400-700$), not the usual 5$.

So with only 3-4 orders per month. You only cancel 1 and you are 2 more months in the shadow at like 70% completion rate and not on the first page. I was in the first search page when I had 100% completion rate.

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Yes Miila this is what I suggested. I would even do the order for free just to bring my completion rate at 100% instead of 80%.

But I can’t lower the price of the order. The buyer already paid 300$. And I think they just want to get back their money. They don,t intend to spend it on other orders.

This is 2 days after starting the order (2/10)
The guy just came and said he want to cancel, then opened a dispute (that I refused).

Then I said:
Me: “Why did you order in the first place? And why would you like to cancel ?”
Him: “I changed my mind. I can do it myself.”
Him: “Why do you go to a shop and then later return an item…”
Him: “Because you realized you didn’t want it”
Me: “I know I wish fiverr allowed that too. But it doesnt.”

Just before ordering, the guy also mentioned that he was waiting for an order to be canceled before ordering mine. Could he just be going around like that and ordering for fun and canceling them to drop stats?

They won’t be getting their money back, only a credit I believe.

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Im not concerned too much about where the money goes. More about why im being penalized just because a buyer goes around and buy orders to cancel them 2 days later.

Sadly, this happens too often. :roll_eyes:

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I know you are not concerned with where it goes, but if the buyer is messing with you by ordering and canceling they won’t be able to get their actual money back. They will eventually have to spend that $300 credit on fiverr so it would be a stupid move on their part to cancel.

Maybe you should tell them that Fiverr will likely only refund the $300 in credit not cash.

As a last-ditch effort, you could try and sensitize Fiverr’s customer support to your plight. You could tell them that since you only work on 4-5 orders a month, each cancellation has a HUGE impact on your order completion %. Therefore, you cannot afford to let order cancellations (for no fault of yours) affect your stats, especially not when your seller level is on the line. You should also let them know that you were a level one seller once and that a similar order cancellation (for no fault of yours) was the reason for your demotion to no-level seller.

I am not sure if this will work… However, I think it’s worth a try.


This will only work if the buyer is, in fact, someone who is going around canceling orders with other sellers, too. We don’t know this for sure. If, however, you sent the quoted text to a buyer who doesn’t care if the money gets refunded in credit or cash, it will only exasperate them even more! The buyer will probably then become more determined to get their money refunded.

I asked customer support to cancel for me and they said:

“I’m sure that you are aware that all cancellations affect your completion rate and we are unable to manually modify your statistics. If you’d like to cancel please let me know.”

Then I asked
"Should I continue and deliver the order or cancel it ? "

And they told me that:
“In this case, since the buyer has advised he doesn’t need the order anymore cancellation might be the only option, intentionally delivering the order could result in your account being reviewed by our Trust and Safety Team which could affect your account more than the completion rate or search ranking.”

So I did what they said, my only option is to drop my stats to 67% for no good reason. As you can see there:

I really think fiverr should review how their cancellation and completion rate system works. Because its flawed at the moment.


It is flawed. I take on projects worth hundreds of dollars. So, I do 1 or 2 big projects per month and take on a few small orders. These bigger clients aren’t the issue, but if I take on a single order and they cancel, then it can affect my rankings. Poof! Gone just like that! This is so unfair, especially since Fiverr makes $$$$$ from me each year. They must fix this!


A buyer recently cancelled his order saying that he wants to explore more options. I think he had not submitted the requirements and order was not started before being cancelled, so i didn’t effect my stats at all.

Thats great. In my case he sent the requirement. Then asked cancelled the next day. I still had 8 days to complete the order.

:arrow_up: Get that out of your head, in Italy.

Yes buyer was from USA. Where I am in Canada we can also return a product. You can’t really return a “service” though.


That’s beautiful. Them sneaky intentional deliverers have to watch themselves.

CS has ways to cancel orders so they don’t affect you sometimes. I had a person cancelling an order immediately after placing it, before filling out the requirements, after realizing the gig terms didn’t work for them and it didn’t affect my stats. Maybe you’ll get lucky given the situation.

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From what I understand, an order cancellation doesn’t affect your order completion % ONLY WHEN there is either solid evidence that the buyer violated the ToS or the buyer/CS canceled the order before the buyer submitted the order requirements.

However, since the OP’s case doesn’t fall under either category, his order completion % was affected (for no fault of his). This is just horrible. :crying_cat_face: