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What to do if clients demand content more content than deal which previously done

hello. when I deliver the order, sometimes clients demand some extra content which was not discussed in the deal when we confirmed our deal. but sometimes i have to provide some extra due to feedback response but its total blackmailing, what should i do. need serious suggestion

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Serious suggestion:

Be very clear and firm when communicating to your buyer that you are only required to do the work that was promised in your gig/custom offer. Tell them that they will have to pay extra for any extra work they require.

If they refuse or try to blackmail you, I would suggest that you contact Fiverr’s Customer Support; they will be on your side.

You cannot just let your buyer take advantage of you for fear of receiving a negative review/rating from them. You need to be firm and professional in your approach with your customers. If not, they will take advantage of your fears and walk all over you. I am sure that’s not how you would like your buyers to treat you. :slight_smile:

Good luck! :sunny:


I just deliver what my clients paid for, not what they want.

I am flexible most of time, but if exceed too much, I become hard again.

If they try to blackmail you, just report them to customer support. I prefer a bad rating than getting abused by any client.

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thanks , you tips will be helpful for me