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What to do if customer if no sending on time the requirements for the job?

Hi, I have a question regarding what to do if a customer said that he was going to send some files that are needed to finish my job, but I have been waiting 3 days and he didnt send it… and as time is running, my delivery time is approaching, so I am worry to no be able to finish the job on time and get a “late delivery cancelation” and none the less I already did 50% of the complete job, and couldnt finish due to the customer…

Is there anyway to pause the delivery time counter? change the delivery due date? or something like that?

I really appreciate any advice on how to proceed in this case.

Did you try to get in touch with your buyer again? If he is unresponsive you might want to cancel the order for now. Your buyer can always place a new order once when he gathers all of the stuff you need.

Hi annai80, thanks for your comments.

Actually he is no “totally unresponsive” but he is doing very slowly (I have 3 days waiting for an info), and my concern is that my delivery time is running out, and i will be probably delivering late due to customer delays. So is there anyway that it does not affect me on my profile? or the only wait is to request a cancelation?

Additionally, at this time, I already did the 50% of the job (so i dont want to cancel) but I can’t continue if he does not send me the rest of the info.

So I am not sure how to proceed.

Any comments / advice are welcome…

and thanks again… :slight_smile:

Talk to your client and let him know how crucial a delivery o time is here on Fiverr. I was in the same situation previously and had to cancel because my client was unresponsive and I was running out of time as well. Your option is to cancel, or maybe your client will allow you to deliver what you have for now? Communication goes a long way. You certainly don’t want the delivery to be late since it does affect your stats. I hope everything will work out for you. Best of luck :slight_smile: