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What to do if fellow sellers ask for a test work

Dear friends, I just wanted to warn you not to get scammed to work for free.
Recently I got such a message from another seller:

"Hi, please we need 2 people to add to our team of transcribers…

We are focusing of speed and accuracy. Please if you cannot do this, kindly inform me.

Kindly transcribe just 2minutes of this youtube video in less than 30 minutes".

Although it seemed like a scam I did this work and never got a reply.
Then in one day I could see a positive review on her page.
Please be careful with this kind of sellers.
Thank you for your attention.

You don’t go to Burger King (or any other fast food restaurant) and ask, to test a burger. :wink:

So never never really NEVER provide a test work.

Thank you, noted:)

It happens from time to time.

Another one is: a fellow seller wants to team up with you, wants you to deliver more work for $5 than you’d normally do, and wants it delivered in 24 hours even though you don’t offer 1 day delivery. Of course, they promise you that you’ll be receiving a lot of orders from them (well, a lot of $5 orders that must be delivered in 24 hours), and they’re really keen to work with you, and how come you’re not interested?

Thank you for sharing your experience!

So, after I read about some buyers tricked some sellers, and some sellers tricked some buyers, now a seller tricked another seller. Sometimes I wonder how some people could do such thing. Ahhh perhaps they don´t feel bad at all.

Thank you for your support, @fitrigwrites4u!

Keep up the good work and be more careful next time. Cheers.

Never go for test work or sample work for free, whether user is buyer or seller.

Thanks, will be:)

I agree, show them a previous example of your work (with permission) or one used yourself.

hey guys.

I have this “potential” client that wants a Spanish Class, but asks me to talk to him the details first by skype…he gave me his id to add him…What should I do? is this valid?

Yes. Contacting the buyer beside fiverr violates the TOS.

$10k custom order. Simple.

Lol :wink:

Do nor worry about these type of messages. i got also these many times. Good Luck

Thank you! ;D

: 3


I agree with you.