What to do if full delivery not sent but already completed?


I just completed an order but I was promised the stems of an audio project, in addition to the mixed file once completed. It’s been 24 hours, I already completed the order but he has not delivered the stems as promised what should I do since it’s already completed?


I have the same problem. I accepted an order, because I thought I had to in order to get my files without the watermark, but I got nothing but one 645KB jpeg file!!!
I bought the premium Package saying:

Premium Package
Get a 4 HQ Concepts with all vector & source files (Ai,Eps,Pdf,Svg & Psd) + Transparent PNG & Jpeg
Vector File
Social Media Kit
High Resolution
3D Mockup
Logo Transparency
Source File

But I didn’t get that and now I’m panicking because it will close in 3 days!!!


You shouldn’t have completed the order until you saw all the files delivered is the simple answer.
Same for @hpkristensen.

But as you have both completed the orders, chase your seller. If you’re not getting responses/files, contact Customer Support about the problem.


I thought I had to in order to get access to the files… That’s why I did it… It’s my first time her :slight_smile: Anyway, the seller sent it to me now. Thanks!


I’m glad you have your files.

Just for the future, (and this is for other buyers, not just you), the seller must send you everything in the order before you mark delivery complete. Yes, they will be watermarked, but make sure you see everything before accepting delivery. Never accept a delivery that doesn’t have what you agreed with the seller. Sellers are penalised on Fiverr for late deliveries and they don’t get paid unless the order is complete, so some sellers who haven’t planned their workload well will try to get you to accept a delivery with the promise of more to come. Sellers have the option to open a dispute and ask for extra time on the order now so there’s no real excuse for this bad behaviour. Some sellers are bad eggs and never send the other files. A seller gets paid 14 days after an order is complete so they can string a buyer along for that time then it’s hard for the buyer to get a refund after that if the files never appear.

Most of us sellers are awesome, by the way :slight_smile:


I feel like a fool because I jumped the gun, they got back to me, stupid anxiety disorders argh lol - just too excited since this is a project I’ve been waiting to do a long time - good I posted though in case others need this advice.


I’m glad you got your files!

Like i said, most sellers are awesome :slight_smile:


I got my files too. But I had to ask for them. To me, it seemed a little like they were withholding them until they got my rating. Well, I don’t know, maybe it was just an honest mistake due to a heavy workload as you mention. :slight_smile: I’m sure most of you are just awesome :smiley: And this was my first time, so I didn’t know how the procedure usually goes. Now I know. Thanks a million! :wink: