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What to do if I Mark as Complete 2 orders but Buyer does not and order the 3rd one? [Resolved]


This is the first time I post something here in Fiverr. I have a buyer that bought 2 of my gigs and ordered a 3rd one. I asked him gently to mark the first 2 as complete before me start working on the 3rd one.

Is that a bad thing to do?

I’m afraid I work on the 3rd one and he filed a dispute or chargeback or mark order as incomplete or something like that and all my work its lost (I take about 1 hour to 2 per Gig). He does not have a picture or description in his profile.

Please advice.

Thank you,


Answers provided by users below.

post a message on the 3rd order asking him to check the other orders and click the “Review and complete button” if everything is ok

Hi onlinedzshop,

Thanks a lot for your fast reply. I have done so. I sent him a message by Inbox and also 1 message per order finished (2 already).

Is it safe to ask for that? Not that I want to pressure the Buyer but I have this feeling of something “weird” to happen. That’s why I came here for advice and best practices.

Waiting for an answer still from the Buyer.


Anybody else that can help me? since the 3rd order is already “ticking” and I have less than 24 hours to deliver.

Please advice.

Thank you,

How do a Buyer mark an order as complete?

Just by Leaving Feedback? Do they have to click a button ?

I received the answer from the Buyer saying this: “I don’t want my name anywhere so I can’t review”

Advice ?

Don’t worry, be happy. He simply doesn’t want to leave a review for some reason. You’ll get your money and all will be well.

Orders also automatically close after three days. The buyer does not have to do anything.
Relax and work on the third project.

I think the advice to not worry about it, and to work on the third order is good. Just deliver it and wait the 3 days for the orders to automatically complete. It’s better to take the chance this time than to go late or lose a potentially good buyer who seems like he/she may have lots of work for you.

If for some reason you feel like this buyer is not a good fit for you, or not trustworthy, then maybe consider not accepting his/her orders but if you don’t have a real worry about the buyer, then just hope for the best.

Why would there be a problem to start the 3rd gig? The first two orders will be automatically completed.

As long as the buyer paid for the 3rd gig then you just start working on it.

Now, if this was a special project and the 3 gigs were purchased together to be part of one larger project, then I can understand you waiting to get approval. But if they are all separate gigs, just do the work and don’t think about it. Not all buyers hit the complete button and add reviews or even email you back.

Reply to @luiscesarmx: of course it’s ok, he has to take a look at it, if not the order will be marked complete after 3 days and you get your money.

Reply to @luiscesarmx: yes, there’s a green button that says : “Review and complete” when they click it the rating stars will appear

Reply to @onlinedzshop: I’m afraid he charges back or something like that :frowning:

Reply to @luiscesarmx: it’s ok, some buyers don’t like their work or names to be public, so he did not review it, the order will be completed after 3 days and you get the money, and he can’t charge back or anything so don’t worry.