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What to do if laptop got stuck and have to deliver the order.please help

Hi there,
My laptop got stuck due to an error and it’s not working. I need to deliver the order as very short time is left to deliver.plese help me out to fix my problem.


I’m afraid no one here will be able to fix your computer :woman_shrugging: If you have files on your computer and can not send it with other device then you have no choice but to fix your laptop.


Can I know exactly what is problem with your laptop please…?
Lets try to bring it back :smiley:

But is there any other option to extend the delivery time? As unable to deliver order in time due to laptop error.please help me out

How are you able to post these messages?

It seems like if the files were on your laptop then you can’t do it. You need to always have a backup such as another laptop, or cloud drive or some way to deliver files when things like this happen.


M doing this from my mobile phone

You can contact Fiverr resolution center for modification using Fiverr Mobile App.


I agree, click on the resolution centre and ask the buyer if they can extend the deadline.

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If I send the request to extend the time, won’t it affect my profile?as unable to deliver now

Probably not if the buyer accepts in time so it doesn’t go late.

But if he won’t agree on this then any other solution?

You could ask him to cancel the order.

He is offline now that’s y worried .f he will see it later, wouldn’t it affect on delivery time?

But my work was mostly done , just because of laptop error unable to send.

Yes it might but you need to accept that. You need to do one of the following and do it now:

  1. cancel it, ask him to cancel
  2. ask him to extend it

Now is not the time to worry about what it will do to your account.

What other choice do you have except to do nothing, let it go late and then he will cancel it after two days.

If you can deliver it in two days that will save the order.


Sure, thanks alott for your valuable suggestion. Gonna do something . Again bundle of thanks

Look on it from the buyers side: they expect a delivery and you didn’t send it in time, no matter what’s the excuse.

I know that you want to avoid your order going late but it most likely will happen and laptop problems are sellers problems, not fiverr and not your buyer. Your timings for orders should also include any force majors to avoid situations like this.

For now all you can do is

  1. Fix your laptop in time.
  2. Send time extension request and hope that your buyer will accept your resolution before order deadline. Otherwise your order will be late anyway.

Yeah sure, m gonna talk to him. thanks alot

Lol! You Guys are getting Orders. I havent received a single Order and I am on Fiverr from over a month

Being on fiverr doesn’t mean that you will have to revive orders.