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What to do if seller asked for revision and doesn't give you materials and instructions to finish the work?


What to do if buyer wasn’t satisfied and asked for the revision. I added to more days to the deadline and tomorrow is the last day. But he doesn’t have time to tell me what to do. How can I re-deliver if I didn’t get any instructions to complete the job?
What should I do?


What did he say in the revision request? Did he say he will tell you the changes he requires later?
Did he give any idea at all what he would like changed?
If it’s a revision, I don’t think it should affect stats if it goes over the deadline.

You could:

  1. Contact the seller asking him to say what changes he requires
  2. Wait for the seller to tell you what revisions he requires
  3. If by what the buyer has already said and looking at the delivery you can guess what the buyer might want changed (eg. is there anything that can be improved upon in the delivery? Does it meet the initial order requirements fully?) and he hasn’t contacted about the revisions he requires for a long time and hasn’t said he is going to, maybe change it in the way you think he might want it changed (such as to fully meet any order requirements) and re-deliver? If he doesn’t like the new changes he can always ask for a revision.

Contacting the buyer to ask for what changes are required & waiting is probably best.


I would re deliver the same thing as you did before. If he wants a revision he needs to communicate what he wants changed.

Send him a message telling him that when you re deliver.


Well I send him 2 power point presentations (it was an order) and later he said he changed himself some things in it and sent it to me in pdf. Because didn’t have time to re-deliver I prolongated the delivery time till tomorrow. But today he didn’t have time to contact me.
And everything is as specified in the order agreement. I delivered everything, just couple of slides difference. He changed himself.
Should I just wait till tomorrow and re-deliver same thing if I do not hear from him?


Have you made the same changes he showed you in the .pdf in the Power Point presentation you created?
If not, you could do that and re-deliver the Power Point presentation.


If you have not gotten what you need from him re deliver the same thing.