What to Do if Seller does not Deliver according to Request?


Hi All,

Could you please help with the following?

I posted a request two weeks ago, and a seller made an offer.
She states on her profile that she is an expert in online shops.
I contracted her, and it went wrong from the start: She delivered 20% of what I wanted after 2 days, and when I said that there are still things missing, she then said that she would charge me more. I disagreed, and insisted that she had made an offer for the items I had stated in my request. I had to explain her step-by-step how to work with the online shop, as she said that I would need to upgrade it, and could not remove a newsletter option from the template, or modify the photos size, or modify the text structure.

She accidentally charged 20USD to my credit card when she upgraded the shop without my consent to a higher version. I cannot get this back.

When I did not want to pay her the full amount, because I felt that she had not done more than 20% if the work, and we were instead of 3 days, already 7 days in the project, she began threatening me on social media.

I wrote to the fiverr support team, but they only refer me to her.

Fiver charged the amount of the order to me, and I do not know what to do.

I left for now a review that she deserves, but I am absolutely disappointed that

  • I do not have what I wanted, the shop cannot go online
  • I lost 20USD because of a mistake she made
  • Fiverr does not answer to my complaint

What can I do?


Go to resolve section . Yo uwill see it on your right in order page.
After that cacel the order, and ask for refund.

Within 3 days, You will get your Money back . If your buyer do not agree to refund you , Just send the cancel request again , and after that contact CS.

this is the way you will get justice.

And Sorry for this types of Sellers work. but You know, All are not bad .

there are so many Good people around the world. In Fiverr. So dont worry about it .

If you have any problem, Please feel free to post . We will help you


I agree with dijatul


If the order is already completed, I cannot anymore press a Resolution button. :frowning:


It was automatically completed.


Sorry to hear That . Then You have to fill a complain , With 100% proof . Just collect Your All details with 100% proof. take screenshot, And contact Customer Support .

They Will must give you refund I hope.

And In next Time, When You choose nay Seller , Please be careful . Because Now A days ,couple of sellers are doing Dishonesty With buyers.

So Please be careful . And when You take any action , Do it before order enclosed.

Please dont worry about it. If You have 100% proof, you can easily get your money back .

Please dont panic . have patient . :deciduous_tree: