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What to do if seller does not deliver on time?


I ordered from a seller who advertises that she will do a logo in 10 hours. Well, the logo creation took about 24 hours and each revision took 24 hours. Which is not what is advertised but it’s okay I guess. But now since my last revision request, it has been three days. I really need this logo now so I can order marketing supplies in time. I sent a message to the seller two days ago and she said she would be done “soon.” I sent her another message yesterday asking when I could expect it and pointing out that it had been three days. She didn’t respond. How can I motivate this seller to deliver more quickly?


Give them the money, they will work better for you.

In this case, there is money for hours.

That’s how we work


When someone advertises 10 hours they actually have 24 hours to complete the gig before it is considered “late” as that is the minimum time provided by fiverr. Try to contact them again, give it an hour and if they still haven’t provided you with a logo that you feel is good enough you will have an option to cancel the gig, you always have a option to mutually cancel but in this situation I would go ahead and cancel it your side and order from someone else, how good is the sellers rating? What level? How many sales, all these are good things to keep in mind when ordering your gig. Get at least a level 2 or top rated do your work to guarantee satisfaction. It’s good to buy from new sellers but you run the risk of having late delivery or a poor product in result.


She had lots of great reviews but my experience was not the same. I did request a cancellation, and after the 48 hours passed and she didn’t respond, it was cancelled. The red flag I ignored was that she states prominently at the beginning of her gig description, “I prefer a cancellation to a review less than 5 stars.” So, no matter how many unhappy customers she’s had, they won’t show in the reviews.


All she had to do to get the money was a revision that would have taken her a couple minutes. I told her this was the last revision I was requesting. Apparently she preferred cancellation, or maybe something happened to her (hopefully not). Being a seller myself now, I would never expect payment without finishing the job I advertised.


How much money did you spend?

And how much the price of goods at the buyer ask?

The market should be stable to maintain the demand and supply