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What to do if someone copies the title of your gig and two sentences exactly?


I have noticed someone has not only copied the title of my gig but also two sentences in it exactly, changing only one word. Should I tell CS or try to ignore it? If someone can’t think up their own title and description that’s pretty bad. They shouldn’t be doing this if they are that inept.

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Contact CS. They’ll take action :slight_smile:


Yes thank you, I just now did. I cannot imagine someone doing that! How hard is it to think up your own gig description.


Don’t be surprised, I think that most of us saw their gigs copied, word by word, at least once :frowning:

Try to write the seller and if he doens’t change the gig, then write Customer Support: usually copycat gigs are temporary denied until they are changed…


Get used to it. :slight_smile: Sadly it happens a lot. On one occasion the seller copied my entire gig title and description including my gig video. The seller even manage to get an order. I reported it to CS, after a few weeks the gig was gone. I have given up chasing them and just focus on my gig.


Wow. I’m dumfounded people would need to do that. I have now resorted to posting a message at the bottom of my gigs saying do not copy this.


My title is “I will create a whiteboard animation” and I bet that title is used several times (at least 5 or 6 times with variance like “I will do” or “I will make” and so on).

It doesn’t always mean it was copied. Some titles are just straight forward and say what the gig does so there are bound to be copies. I also see a lot of similar titles for voice over gigs that tells exactly what the gig does – nothing more, nothing less.


I thought that too in this instance except the first two sentences of my gig were copied exactly also.


Someone Copied the the title of my gig and now displaying side by side in search with me what should i do


The right one is mine and left one with video is him. What should i do now exact same title no changes


Well - you’re both offering the same thing in the same time, so it’s not really copying, particularly as your competitor has a video.

Competition is good!


He just took my idea lets rock n roll with him


But he joined in december where as i joined in august 2016…lolx never though someone is watching over me


Change yours to 14 hours?

Have a look for responsive website 24 hours - there’s only so many ways you can put those words in order - I don’t think they’re copying one another, just saying what they’ll do and how long it’ll take them.


I can surely tell you that i was the one with that idea of 15 hours no one else were there with 15 hours but why 15 hours because he saw mines and exactly copy it. Go look in responsive website category and you will find that no body else except me and him.


Well ask him/her to change to 16 hours?


And if he wont than what to do ?


My gig is ranked well and i am afraid if i change the title it my heart my ranking


I’ve counted 6 gigs offering to do responsive website design in 15 hours - I’m sure they’re not all copying you.

Just because a title is not unique doesn’t mean it’s been copied.


Let me check again as i never noticed it. But this guy just seated beside me in search results