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What to do if Someone inbox you on Fiverr his Mailing address?

I am new in fiverr and so many things are really new to me over here. I got a message inviting me to communicate via GMAIL. What should I do in such situations. Isn’t it violation of Fiverr’s policies to do such activities? I asked to communicate in fiverr inbox but didnt get any reply.

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Hi Ishratamin,

Do not worry about it. Many clients will ask the same to me too. I do reply (sharing those personal details against Fiverr’s TOC, we both will get blocked. Please make conversation here). You too can follow same to avoid get blocked.



Yes it is - please never communicate outside the Fiverr messaging system, and please also report any users who ask you to do so.

Well done for asking - you did the right thing! :slight_smile:


Thanks for your suggestions…:slight_smile:

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I already reported :slight_smile: you guys are really helpful over here!! Thank you so much for that!

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