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What to do if someone says they will get you banned on fiverr?

Recently i got a order… and I delivered and also done the revision he wanted… after that he was okay with everything thing and mark the order as completed and gave me 5 star rating feedback.

But after 2 days he messaged me with more changes and with the chnges it was mentioned do it just now or i will make sure to have you banned from fiverr.

are the changes easy?

personally, i would do the changes, and also quietly report him to CS. the complication is that you offer unlimited revisions, so the way fiverr will see it is that they are entitled to ask you for and to receive the revisions for as long you both exist, however they are not allowed to threaten you or be overly rude for no reason whatsoever. so yeah that would be my uneducated opinion


I have done the changes.
And now i m sending the files over message because order has been marked completed already…

But i am afraid if he still try to do something…

In most of the forums i have read that they take care of buyers not sellers… they listen to what buyers says…

He can’t do anything, and he can’t even threaten you with a bad review because he already left one.

Block him and move on :slight_smile:

EDIT: The worst that can happen is that he gets a refund because of your “unlimited revisions”. But no, he cannot ban you. So it’s up to you, but personally, I wouldn’t do any more work with a person like that.


Did you break the rules?
If not then no matter how much they threaten you fiverr wouldn’t give you a warning if you haven’t done anything wrong.

I wouldn’t recommend doing it as @soumyaagrawal19 is offering unlimited revisions and fiverr considers it unlimited even after the order is completed. We saw quite a few cases where people who offered unlimited revisions blocked buyers and fiverr CS cancelled their orders. Because basically buyer wanted even more revisions but he was blocked so he contacted support and support cancelled the order on the basis of not delivering what’s promised (unlimited revisions in this case)


Thanks!! It really helps …will block him if he says anything else after this

Yes, I understand… I can’t imagine being forever dependent on a buyer’s will, but that’s what you get when you have unlimited revisions, I guess… but still, they can’t ban her, the worst thing that could happen is that they would get a cancellation and refund.


But also have in consideration what @mariashtelle1 said… and please, for your own sake, don’t have unlimited revisions anymore


Thanks… i will wait for that buyer reply… as i have delivered him the revised work…

Will contact CS if he threatens again…

Thanks :blush:

And also i will not be providing unlimited revisions from now onwards

Oky sure… thanks a lot

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Oky will report CS… Thankyou